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About This Project

A group of 20 students from Italy, came to Spain to work with visual health. Interns had an ability to work in different spanish companies, which are recognized as prestige in the field of visual health and most of them are aiming to incorporate new aesthetic concept in the south of Spain and are dedicated to the sale of main trademarks of eyewear, sunglasses, contact lenses. some of them has a cabinet of optometry, advanced clinical contactology and specialized ophthalmic optics, what allows students to broaden their knowledge and gain new skills. In all the companies, students were practicing many tasks:

-Handling the different devices for measuring and assessing the visual function, the eye structures and the visual system.
-Reassembling ophthalmic lenses in glasses y check the quality.
-Design, measure, fit, and adapt any kind of lenses for clients.
-Advising clients on their visual condition.
-Assisting clients in the purchase process
-Detecting any vision dysfunction
-Making the difference between healthy and diseased eye.


Besides from training program, students also had other activities to do.  As they were staying in Sevilla, which is is the capital and the largest city of the autonomous community of Andalusia, they had an opportunity to visit many historical monuments, gardens and see flamenco shows.


Ramon y cajal centro optico 2

Sara Passa 

In the month of March I had a wonderful working experience in one of the optical shop in Seville. I learned how to treat ocular prostheses, get an eye exam and deal with people. The tutors who followed me on this path have been very professional and have taught me so many things. The experience also allowed me to increase my autonomy and get to know Spanish culture. I recommend everyone to have an experience like this.


Federica Marchetti

I was working in the centre of the city of Seville where I practiced the profession of optician . This wonderful experience  made me grow in a professional way, deeped in a particular way: the application of hortocheratologic contact lenses. This is my first work experience abroad and despite the initial difficulty in the local language, I have deepened my knowledge, thanks to my collegues, professional and qualified. I wish everyone to have a work experience like the one I did.



Project Details

Project Title:
Project Number: 2017-1-IT01-KA102-005971
Number of participants: 20
Country: Italy

All Projects, Health & Beauty, Laboratory, Visual health
Optics, Optometry, Visual health, Visual system