Students from Latvia came to Malaga to work in the field of Naval Mechanics | Euromind
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About This Project

In February 2019, EuroMind had a pleasure to welcome a group of students from Letonia in Malaga, who were eager to learn more about Navigating and naval mechanics. Some of the main tasks carried out withind the work placement included:

– Replacing, repairing or adjusting defective mechanical equipment
– Documenting relevant information
– Maintain and caring of installations, equipment and the equipment used to carry out carpentry
– Organizing and identifying the works to be performed, preparing the workplace and selecting the
tools to develop carpentry activities
– Collaborating in the development of craft activities of wooden boats
– Identifying the main materials and tools used relating their basic characteristics to the
applications and the conditions of use
– Preparing tools and equipment taking care of the use instructions and assuring its homogeneity
for the construction and repair of wooden boats
– Selecting the appropriate material for the development of carpentry work


Moreover, trainees were not only working but also exploring and discovering new culture with the help of EuroMind. In fact, the students had the opportunity to discover Malaga by exploring its history and culture.


All in all, the project was successful and they gained much needed professional experience which is highly appreciated and sometimes even specifically asked by today’s employers!



Dmitrijs Dermenzi

Most of my time in Malaga I spent on exploring nice places and met new people. They are all nice and amazing people and I am glad that I have met them. Also, I have worked here with boats. Usually I painted, repaired or used a flame thrower to get rid off the old paint from the boat, basically I just renovated the old boats.


Janis Suskovs

I really enjoyed my time here in Malaga. I used my free time here to explore nice places. I really like the Spanish culture. At work, I worked on boats, renovated them, used different tools to make an old fashioned boat. I learnt a lot from my experiences here. That was the first time I worked on building a boat. it was really interesting and i really enjoyed it!!



Project Details

Project Title: Traineeship in Ship Mechanics and Water Safety Training of LMC VET learners
Project Number: 2018-1-LV01-KA102-046883
Number of participants: 4
Country: Letonia

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