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About This Project

In March 2019, EuroMind had a pleasure to welcome a group of students from Poland in Seville, who were eager to learn more about Navigating and naval mechanics. Some of the students took part in nautical sports schools or boat river cruise tourist companies on the Guadalquivir river. Where they had to:

– Carry out simple maneuvers of the ship in the port

– Control maritime traffic reports

– Check and inspect the boat and engines

– Perform loading and unloading goods

– Receive clients upon arrival and leave when leaving the boat

– Collaborate in the development of boat tours.

Add to that, some of the students decided to work in different nautical companies dedicated to selling boats, outboard motors, pneumatic semi-rigid and demountable, naval electronics, nautical accessories, trailers, repairs, maintenance and technical service. Where they had to:

– Replace, repair or adjust defective mechanical equipment

– Maintain and take care of the facilities, equipment and equipment used for mechanical work

– Organize and identify the work tasks, preparing the workplace and selecting the tools to develop mechanics activities

– Select and collect the equipment, tools, measuring elements and supplies

– assemble equipment according to work order

– Check the condition of the components and assembly by disassembling and disassembling the mechanical elements

– Disassemble, disassemble and verify the mechanical equipment identifying the faults.

Finally, participants were not only working but also exploring and discovering new culture with the help of EuroMind. The students had an opportunity to see Seville from a different perspective with a guide, taste a local cuisine and have tapas night. Moreover, the group went to Malaga and Gibraltar, both cities are well-known and rich historically and culturally. All in all, the project was successful and we had a pleasure to host the group!



Kamila Wojciechowska

I consider an internship as satisfying. I have gained a lot of knowledge related to what I study and I also opened for the new international connections. Thanks to that I improved my language skills and I am braver. Spanish people welcomed us very well and I can surely say that I would love to come back here. We were living very close to the city center and I could get anywhere I wanted very quickly. I will remember those two week the whole life as a marvelous adventure with amazing people thanks to whom I know what to do in my life.


Alicja Frejnagiel

Today I came back home from 2 weeks long practice. It was the most amazing time I have ever spent abroad. We stayed in comfortable hotel, we had everything near and the food was great! My practices were the best and I couldn’t even imagine it better. The crew was amazing and they treated us like family. I’m super satisfied with my practice and I hope I could go back there someday.



Project Details

Project Title: COMPASS – Poprzez zagraniczne praktyki do europejskiego rynku pracy
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048565
Number of participants: 12
Country: Poland, Darłowo

All Projects, Car mechanics, Engineering, Mechatronic engineering, naval mechanics, navigation
naval mechanics, navigation, navigators