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About This Project

A group of 16 Polish students visited Seville in November of 2018. While with euroMind, they worked on several different placements and took part in various activities.

4 students completed internships in the administration sector. They formed a valuable part of the team at various companies during their 3 week stay in Seville. Among other things, their responsibilities included distributing adverts, informing clients about offers, providing information about the host company, greeting clients, creating and modifying several types of documents, maintaining records and processing invoices, receipts and payments.

Another 3 students worked in the IT sector. 2 as technicians, whose responsibilities included installing, assembling and upgrading hardware, checking and repairing or replacing broken parts, and the dismantling and reassembly of simple components. The other worked as an IT programmer, and their main responsibilities were programming with JavaScript and WordPress, managing social networks, designing and developing web pages and making projects using Photoshop, Corel and Adobe.

2 members of the group worked as graphic design interns in Seville. This internship allowed them to take responsibility for conceiving, designing and creating images in programs such as Photoshop, Adobe and Corel, working with clients, producing visual communication projects and helping in the preparation of offers for clients of the host companies.

Internships in Logistics were found for 4 of the Polish students with companies here in Seville. These placements involved carrying out loading operations, performing unloading operations, helping with the administrative management of transport operations, adding information about arrivals and shipments to the companies´ computer systems and handling good and carts.

For the final 3 students of this group, they worked as Paper Technician interns. These roles involved performing basic tasks related to the service and maintenance of printers, distributing the printed materials, saving and archiving documentation, cutting and labeling materials ordered by customers, laminating materials and using presses, grinders and glass knives.

It wasn´t all work for this group from Poland! They also attended an intensive Spanish language course, which allowed them to learn some Spanish to help them integrate better with their placements. They also had the chance to visit more of the region, with day trips to Malaga, Cordoba and Granada. Here in Seville, they enjoyed a delicious tapas night, and got a sample of the traditional dance, Flamenco, at an evening show. We hope they enjoyed their stay in this beautiful city as much as we enjoyed welcoming them!


Aleksandra Hudy

Aleksandra Hudy

I worked as a Paper Technician in Seville. It is a very nice company. The women that I worked with were very helpful and positive. I am glad that I was able to work there. The stay in Seville was very successful. I will definitely come back here one day.

grzegorz buchowicz3

Grzegorz Buchowicz

The time of stay in Spain is coming to end. During these few weeks, I learned a lot of things.
My place of practice was a small shop dealing with the repair of equipment and installation of computer software. The atmosphere was great. I got along very well with my work colleagues, and work wasn’t hard to me. I could always count on them and never refused to help me. My stay in Spain was not solely about this. I had the opportunity to visit Malaga, Granada and Cordoba. Amazing places with interesting history and beautiful monuments. I am glad that I could be here, meet so many great people and work with them. It is an amazing experience, just a pity that it is already over.



Project Details

Project Title: Kształcimy zawodowo! Mobilność uczniów i kadry ZSP Nr 1 w Brzesku
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-036344
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland

All Projects, Business Administration, Graphic Design, IT, Logistics
group training, renewable energy, solar energy