Haidressers and cooks from Krasnystaw (Poland) cooking local dishes and doing Spanish hairstyles | Euromind
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About This Project

The group from Krasnystaw had an opportunitz to learn a lot here, in Andalusia, about the Spanish cuisine and methods of cooking, and in the context of the hairdressers, about a various techniques of hairstyle, haircut, and about the correct contact with the client.

The cooks after their internship know and apply hygiene, safety norms and prevention of occupational risks; show good presence, kindness/friendliness, and professionalism; demonstrate professional attitude while working under pressure, heat, and smoke; know how to deal with clients in a professional and pleasant way and applies this knowledge in practice; are able to correctly choose and organize a suitable tableware for specific dishes and a suitable glass for serving particular drinks; are able to organize work on the order to fit within the set time limit, possesses the ability to evaluate correctly the situation at the table so that the tableware can be taken away at the right moment; are able to work under pressure and meet close deadlines; work effectively on one’s own initiative and in a team, thanks to developed communication skills and the self-motivation to work.

Hairdressers are able to work under pressure and meet the established deadlines by the hairdressing salon, adjusting the time with every client; understand the importance of the sterilization of tools after use; trainees are creative in performing different hairstyles; they can recognize the new trends in hairdressing; identify the appropriate haircut or hairstyle for the client’s physiognomy; provide the client with a sense of comfort while performing hairdressing services; they also understand the Spanish name of tools used in the hairdressing salon.


Aleksandra Gustaw

My internship in Ubeda was a wonderful time! I have learned a lot of new cooking skills here and a lot about Spanish cuisine and Spanish people. We had a lot of work but also a lot of fun here: with my tutor and my friends from work I have learned many Spanish words about the kitchen everyday life. What I also appreciate is a residence, the place where we lived was perfect, we met a new friends: Juani and Pepi – who were cooking for us delicious, Spanish meals.

Sylwia Wojnarowska

I am very satisfied with my practice! I had a kind tutor and we had great contact, as well as with my coworkers. During those three weeks in Ubeda I have learned a lot of new skills, for example how to make strands. The Spanish course was very productive for me. We had some free time and various activities like trips to Granada which I loved, but what is more important, we have learned a lot!

Przemysław Solan

I like the time which I spent in Ubeda. I had a great bound with my tutor and coworkers, I have gained new skills connected with Spanish and Italian cuisine. What I liked the most were the Spanish course and the atmosphere at the work placement, my coworkers and Elena – my tutor.



Project Details

Project Title: Develop and share skills and experience for EU professions
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048055
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Krasnystaw

All Projects, Gastronomy, Hairdressing
gastronomy, Hairdresser