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About This Project

On Valentine’s Day 2016, 17 Polish students left their home country for an adventure in Spain. During their two-week stay, they participated at a practical internship on solar heating, learning all there is to know about renewable energy. They also had the opportunity to take part at an observatory visit in a solar company.


Their tasks included, amongst others:


  • Recognize the types of photovoltaic cells: polycrystalline and amorphous monocrystaline
  • Guide panels according to seasonal optimal tilt
  • Measure by a multimeter voltage and intensity according to the degree of inclination
  • Bring panels in series, parallel and mixed and check their parameters
  • Know and identify the different types of controllers, their programming process and functions
  • Verify, identify and maintain batteries and inverters


Next to that, they participated in plenty of other activities organized for them. First of all, they discovered the most famous and beautiful spots in Seville. They also got acquainted with the Spanish language via lessons made specially for them. Finally, they went on many trips, visiting the cities of Malaga, Ronda and Cordoba.


Paweł Richert:

‘In my opinion, professional training was the best thing that happened to me this year. I learned many practical things. The most important thing for me was to learn a new culture and the opportunity to participate in practical activities. I would like to go back to that positive country.’

Angelika Schneider:

‘During the stay in Spain I have learned a lot about architecture, installations, solar panels and different buildings. I think I could use these new skills in my future work. I had a possibility to get to know another culture, learn some Spanish language, and see a lot of beautiful and inspiring places.’



Project Details

Project Title: Budownictwo, które uczy zmieniać świat
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-016196
Number of participants: 17
City & country: Gdańsk (Poland)

All Projects, Construction, Electricians, Electronics, Renewable energies