Sevilla as a wonderful gem for improving photographic skills of Polish students | Euromind
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About This Project

During two weeks in November we welcomed a group from Rzeszow, Poland. This time we had a bunch of young, determined photographers, who came with a lot of expectations about what does Spain have to offer. They had an opportunity to get to know the city of Sevilla, which is a perfect gem when it comes to photogenic sites and breath-taking monuments. As for the host organization, the group had been improving their knowledge in Pablo Martinez Cousinou, under the wings of Pablo, who is a professor of photography at the University of Sevilla. He is specialized in documental and architectural photography and with his collaborative, Elena Fernández Cejudo, they also put a lot of work into creative solutions and PR and advertising projects. The group had thus many new challenges ahead, and they needed to undertake multiple tasks like:

  • Preparing a brief with the clients
  • Creating a blog and photography portfolio
  • Practicing the studio portrait photography applying the principles of depth of field, distance, composition and light
  • Photo processing using editors such as Bridge, Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Photo production and social media publishing
  • Preparing and publishing online campaign


Apart from the traineeship, they also got to relish a lot of extracurricular activities. They had a study visit to Elio Estudio Fotográfico, a global agency specialized in web design, online marketing, photography, e-commerce and graphic design. They saw how the studio´s work is conducted, how to know their clients properly, and the studio team show the students skills that go into marketing and how work in order to achieve successful displays and campaigns.

They did a bike tour around Sevilla, they travelled to Cordoba and Cádiz to enjoy warm days, beach waves, local cuisine, lovely nooks and overall atmosphere of those beautiful cities.  In addition, they completed a Spanish course and successfully obtained their certificates. We really hope they enjoyed each activity and keep those nice memories they made!


mateusz sienko

Mateusz Sieńko:

I appreciate the internship in Spain very highly. First of all, great accommodation conditions, delicious breakfast dinners, etc. Tutors are very nice and cool people, they have a lot of knowledge and are able to pass it on. Tours were very interesting and full of various attractions. The guardian of our group, Kuba, is very helpful; we could count on him at any moment. The internship program is clear and very useful in our profession.

katarzyna dudzinska

Katarzyna Dudzińska:

In my opinion, the whole practice session in Spain was pretty much successful. Many things inspired me to continue my work with some creativity. I have also learned some new photographic tricks. But the most satisfying thing for me is that my English skills improved, not to mention that the trips here were gorgeous and I learned many things about Spanish culture.



Project Details

Project Title: Fotograf i marketing idą w parze
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-036837
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Rzeszów (Poland)

All Projects, Arts, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Marketing, Media, Photography