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About This Project

On the 1st day of June, we welcomed in Ubeda the group of 16 students from Oleszyce. They came to Spain to develop their skills as cooks, hotel employees, and foresters. They couldn’t have chosen a better place for their internships than Ubeda – an Andalusian city full of traditional family restaurants, amazing hotels, and a beautiful park. Each of the students gained much experience in the area of their professional sectors, have learned some Spanish language and had a lot of fun!



During their internship the group of seven cooks had a possibility to learn about the typical Spanish cuisine, tapas, and local specialties, they were assisting in planning and coordinating work in the kitchen and most of all they were improving their cooking skills by preparing meals. The trainees worked in various restaurants located in the city. Many of them tried the snails ‘caracoles’ for the first time and learned how to correctly peel the shrimps.


The group of hotel employees was very happy to deal with many different tasks connected with the hotel industry. Among many other duties, they were working with reservation systems during individual and group check-in and check-out procedures, getting to know the system of work and collaboration between housekeeping staff and reception, supplying the bathrooms with fresh towels and toiletries, making the beds and changing bed linen. All of the trainees were satisfied with their internship and gained much experience.


The foresters’ main difficulty was to get used to working conditions taking into account the Spanish climate. Their tutor prepared for his trainees many interesting and sometimes challenging tasks. They had learned a lot by checking the condition of plants, watering the plants, weeding, mowing and working with professional equipment.



Apart from hard work, the trainees took part in many additional activities and trips in the region of Andalusia. Malaga was amazing because of the beach and the sea, in Cordoba, all of the trainees visited Mezquita, which made quite an impression on them, and in Baeza, they were amazed by beautiful views of olive gardens. In Ubeda, they also experienced many local attractions such as visiting Synagogue of Water and Center of Interpretation of Olive Oil and Olive Grove. Additionally, they were working on their creativity during the Creativity Workshop organized by euroMind.


Renata Furgała


I really enjoyed my stay in Spain. I had a fantastic job and a wonderful tutor. I have learned to cut meat into small cubes with a sharp knife. I had an opportunity to taste snails for the first time and peel the shrimps. I am very happy that I got to know about Spanish cuisine and visited many interesting places during my internship.


Zenon Fedyk


I liked my practice very much and I am glad to be given this possibility. Thanks to this, I got to know a completely different culture and climate in Spain. I worked as a forester and I learned to take care of the plants and to use equipment properly so that the residents of Ubeda could enjoy this beautiful city. Thanks to the Spanish lessons I learned the basics of this language and I wish to learn more after my arrival in Poland. I visited many interesting places, for example, Malaga and Cordoba. I am very grateful for this experience.


Sofiia Lychman


During my internship at the hotel, I met new people, learned about Spanish culture, improved my English and began to learn the Spanish language. Thanks to the trips I visited some beautiful and historical places. I am very grateful to the euroMind team for the opportunity to do my practice in another country because I gained many skills useful in my profession.




Project Details

Project Title: Europejskie doświadczenia uczniów Zespołu Szkół w Oleszycach
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048243
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Oleszyce

All Projects, Gardening, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry
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