Polish trainees take part in a training programme regarding bioclimatic housing | Euromind
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About This Project

In April 16 Polish students made their way from Wielkopolski to Sevilla in order to take part in a three-week traineeship at a local renowned host company. During their traineeship the students gained a lot of knowledge and trained their technical skills during their practical training programme.

Their main tasks included the following:

  • ——Creating the house furniture using and managing the blocks
  • —Creating exterior walls of the bioclimatic house in 2D
  • —Creating different layers that will form part of the bioclimatic house
  • —Creating interior divisions and empty spaces in 2D using editing commands
  • —Decorating a bioclimatic house, inserting blocks and shading particular spaces
  • Creating exterior walls and empty spaces of the bioclimatic house in 3D
  • —Creating the ceiling and roof construction of the house in 3D
  • —Rendering and printing the plans of the bioclimatic house

The traineeship managed to deliver excellent work and by having gained a lot of new knowledge and working experience, this experience will enable them to encounter a better job in the future. But besides work there was still plenty of time left for them to explore the beautiful sights of Sevilla, whilst also going on a cultural trip to Cádiz.






Project Details

Project Title: Bądź lepszy w zawodzie
Project Number: 2014-1-PL1-KA102-001479
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Wielkopolski (Poland)

All Projects, Graphic Design, IT, Renewable energies