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Project Details

Project Title: Nowe technologie, nowe możliwości w projektowaniu i drukowaniu 3D
Project Number: 2014-1-PL01-KA102-001379
Number of participants: 20
City & country: Bolesławiec (Poland)

All Projects, Graphic Design, IT
About This Project

In May 2015, 20 Polish trainees came to Seville to learn all about 3D design. Even though the beginning was tough, they soon started to grasp the basic commands and to enjoy creating their own designs. Moreover, they had the great opportunity to participate in an observatory visit in a company working in the 3D printing and design sector.


During their internships, the trainees learnt how to:


  • Use Solid Edge user interface.
  • Design simple part with drawing/drill commands, command to open the holes, rounding and chamfering, pattern.
  • Design simple parts using the sketch.
  • Print and export 2D drawing.
  • Implement exploded assembly view.
  • Design office items, lamps, furniture, key holder, bottles, etc.


Next to that, they were also introduced to all kinds of aspects of the Andalusian way of life: the Spanish food, during the Tapas Night, the architecture and history, during the visits of the bullring and the Alcazar, and the cities, during the daytrips to Malaga and Cadiz. It’s safe to say it was a wonderful experience for all parties.


Patryk Kuryło:

‘During the training we learnt to design in 3D, I like this type of work. At the beginning I had some difficulties, especially while designing a boxing glove I wanted to print in 3D. Sometimes, the program detected errors, but thanks to my teacher I learnt how to get around these kinds of problems.’

Grzegorz Bąk:

‘From the first day of the training I learnt very fast, any task I was asked to do was not a problem for me. I had to get around few errors to complete some more complex operations. After completion of training I consider working with Solid Edge as quite easy.  I managed to design all by myself a light saber (in its real size) famous from the Star Wars movie. I consider this project as a very interesting and useful initiative.’