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About This Project

For four weeks in May 2015, we had the pleasure to have the company of 17 Polish technical analysts-to-be. The youngsters spent their time at a microbiology lab in Seville. The trainees did all kind of activities, such as:


  • Prepare dilutions and understand methods to describe a value of their concentrations
  • Conduct acid-base tests
  • Carry out basic laboratory tasks – using pH meters, spectrophotometry, chromatography, morphology, structure and metabolism of bacteria
  • Carry out microbiological tests on food products
  • Carry out microbiological testing of water
  • Conduct physico-chemical tests of water, pH, test conductivity, free chlorine, organic matter


Apart from that, they also participated in all kinds of activities outside the lab: they went on two study visits, had Spanish classes, did a tour of Seville, went on a tapas night and did trips to Cadiz and Cordoba. We had a great time with them and hope they learnt plenty of interesting things.



Miętkiewska Aleksandra:

‘I am a student of the 3-rd class in Complex of Agrotechnological Secondary Schools in Słupsk, specialization: Analyst Technician. We spent three weeks in Sevilla. We had vocational training in a laboratory. I acquired new skills and experience. I learned to work in a microbiology laboratory. I met new people and went sightseeing every day. I broke my language barriers and I learnt Spanish. I discovered their culture and tried typical Spanish snacks. The Tapas Night was the best evening.’


Mularczyk Kamila:

During one month there I learnt many new things which “in the world” of young analysts are necessary and I saw beautiful places like: Sevilla’s old town, Córdoba, Cadiz. I spent good time with my friends walked around the neighbourhood, went shopping, tanned. I liked the Spanish language lessons very much and I enjoyed tapas night. I discovered many different tastes there. In the future I want come back to Sevilla. I will keep this experience in my head and heart my whole life!



Project Details

Project Title: Nowoczesne technologie szansą na rozwój kreatywności i innowacyjności absolwentów szkół zawodowych
Project Number: 2014-1-PL01-KA102-001042
Number of participants: 17
City & country: Słupsk (Poland)

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