Polish trainees discover how to electronically create bioclimatic houses | Euromind
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About This Project


 Michał Butryn:

‘Erasmus+ is the programme which gives young people a lot of possibilities. I wanted to learn how to work with a computer programme called AutoCAD and I did. But most of all I really wanted to get to know another culture and people and most importantly I was looking forward to eating traditional Spanish dishes. For two weeks I have learnt how to work with AutoCAD and now this programme seems to be easy to me. Also I learnt a new language – Spanish. These lessons were the best. We have taken part in a number of sightseeing tours – for example we went to Cordoba. Spain is a beautiful country. I wish we could stay here for longer.’


 Kacper Guzik:

‘I expected to learn how to work with a 3D program and to do a lot of sightseeing in Sevilla. I`m satisfied with my experience. I found out more about bioclimatic houses. I learned how to use AutoCAD and to work in 3D, and I learned a bit of Spanish language. On the cultural trips we saw popular places in Sevilla and Cordoba. Spain was so much better than I had expected. People are very nice and relaxed. The practice went very well, even though we had to use English to speak with our tutor, Javier. I really want to recommend this experience to everyone.’



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyki zawodowe - szansą na lepsze jutro
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-014857
Number of participants: 18
City & country: Stalowa Wola (Poland)

All Projects, Construction, IT, Renewable energies