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About This Project

In March 2016, we had the pleasure to welcome a group of 6 Polish vocational teachers to Seville. These teachers of logistics stayed for a week, carrying out 5 study visits in local logistics companies to have a look at the similarities and the differences between the Polish and the Spanish sector.


Their overall impressions were very positive: the teachers stated having improved their language skills, strengthened their professional knowledge and familiarised themselves with the Spanish system. Furthermore, they were interested in implementing some of the things they saw during their stay in their classes.


Some of their impressions:


  • By using photos taken in the company, notes and information acquired, we can present our students with existing examples, provide them with real materials.


  • We realised we should focus more on practical teaching as it gives far better results. We are also convinced that close cooperation with the companies that enables the appreticeship for the students, just as it is in the school we visited, means great benefits for the students themselves, gives them future job opportunities.


  • The differentiation of the services could be transferred into our school grounds, we could broaden the offer by professional courses during which the participants would acquire their knowledge and skills.


Project Details

Project Title: Nowe doświadczenia zawodowe uczniów i nauczycieli w Niemczech i Hiszpanii
Project Number: POWERVET-2015-1-PL01-KA102-015947
Number of participants: 6
City & country: Racibórz (Poland)

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