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About This Project

For almost a month (July-August 2017), these 15 Polish students from Wysokie Mazowieckie (Poland) spent their time in Seville for an internship as Administrative assistants and cooks. During their apprendiceship they carried out several tasks, such as:


  • Providing customer service in a professional, courteous and friendly manner.
  • Undertaking general administration including word processing, dealing with enquiry’s and routine correspondence, photocopying, scanning, filing, etc.
  • Maintaining and updating the internal library and index including administration of photographic and digital images.
  • Preparing, scanning and placing documents in electronic and paper filing systems.
  • Maintaining and managing inventory control of materials and suppliers.
  • Maintaining and updating records management database systems.
  • Dealing with financial paperwork.
  • Preparing the ingredients for consumption or cooking.
  • Washing, peeling , cutting and peeling fruit and vegetables as well as cutting meat.
  •  Weighing, measuring and mixing ingredients according to recipes and personal judgment.
  •  Seasoning and cooking meals according to recipes, personal judgment or experience, using different methods (e.g. baking, braising, frying, broiling, roasting and steaming).


During their stay they could also enjoy a Spanish course, a Seville tour and two amazing trips to Cádiz and Gibraltar. We were very pleased with their stay and we wish the trainees all the best for their future.


Sylwia (2)Sylwia  Boratyńska

‘My name is Sylwia, I am 18 years old and I am doing my internship in an IT company, where I am translating texts, dealing with the web site and checking and correcting the mistakes in it. I like the fact that people there use English, so I don’t have any problem to communicate with them. It has been a very nice experience and I will remember it all my life.’

PiotrekPiotr  Kalinowski:

‘My name is Piotr. I am doing my internship as a cook in a restaurant. The internship is very good. During the internship I am learning a lot of new Spanish dishes and in addition I am also learning a new language that I can use in the future. In Seville I can see a lot of interesting buildings, but the most important thing is that I can gain a lot of experience during the internship. I think my tutor is very nice and I can always  count on him. He knows that we poorly understand Spanish and he appreciate our efforts.’



Project Details

Project Title: Europejska praktyka wysokomazowieckiego technika
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-025487
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Wysokie Mazowieckie (Poland)

All Projects, Baker, Business Administration, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry, Restaurant industry, Tourism