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About This Project

In May, euroMind greeted a group of 16 Polish students to do an internship as Electric Programmers in company dedicated to the design and manufacture of air tools, a pioneer in the manufacture of remotely piloted aerial systems. Its enterprise is the manufacture of air tools that are technologically very advanced, but also have an artisan spirit.


Students could develop their skills doing some tasks such as completing the drone, using Arduino with JAVA, from Eclipse and knowledge of API, creating a joystick to control the drone flight. Multimeter presentation on LCD screen, controlling a drone using different types of movements, flight modes, configuration, testing the drone and connection of the transmitter to the receiver, calibrating the drone and outdoor flight…


They also had the opportunity to visit a company located in Seville dedicated to the manufacturing and maintenance of drones for professional use.


Besides the work placement, students could take part in an intensive Spanish course, they all passed the exam with very good results! They also could learn more about the Spanish culture to thanks to a Seville tour, paella night, cultural bike tour, visiting the bullring and travelling to Cadiz and Albufeira (Portugal).


Wojciech Nadzikiewicz

“Thanks to amazing internship in the host company I finally know what my dream job is. Designing, learning about and putting drones together is a fascinating experience. I would love to continue working with drones in the future.”



Project Details

Project Title: Mobilność europejska pierwszym krokiem w rozwoju zawodowym młodych techników
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049422
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Warszawa

All Projects, Electronics, Engineering, Robotics