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About This Project

In June 2019 euroMind team greeted in Seville a group of sixteen students from Poland. The aim of their internship was to develop new skills and get more knowledge in the field of electric programming – and they were specialized in drones.

The Host Organization where the internship took place was a company dedicated to design and manufacture air tools and was a pioneer in the manufacture of remotely piloted aerial systems. Its enterprise is the manufacture of air tools that are technologically very advanced, but also have an artisanal spirit. Therefore, the group had a great chance to expand horizons in the field of their studies supervised by experts.

During the training they were preventing potential accidents that may happen during the assembly but also welding process with tin before putting it into practice on the assembly. Moreover they were learning how to build a drone from scratch and then how to complete it. They worked on special programs like Arduino with JAVA, Eclipse and API. What’s more, they were creating a joystick to control the drone flight and controlling it using different types of movements, flight modes, configuration, etc.

Besides working on their professional experience they were also provided an intensive Spanish course where they could improve their language abilities. The course was focused on communication skills so they could easily use it in practice. In their free time they had a chance to take advantage of beautiful Seville and visit its’ impressive historical sites. They attended a flamenco show – where they could enjoy the traditional Spanish atmosphere and went on trip to Malaga.

The trainees’ involvement in the project and their personal interest assured they could take the most of it.


Natalia Kułach

We learned how to solider cables, build physical drone and how to design it in Cut2D program. I am very pleased that I had the chance to participate in such a fantastic adventure and learned more about Spanish culture and also something different about drones.

Jan Sajdak

I was doing drone pieces in 2D program and now I can do it easily. I was also flying a drone in simulator. We were sightseeing in Malaga and Seville, so I got to know the Spanish culture and language. Overall, I think it was a good internship and I appreciate what I have learned.



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyki bez granic drogą do sukcesu
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048006
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Poręba

All Projects, Electronics, IT
Drones, Electric programmer