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About This Project

15 students from Przemyśl in Poland have come to Seville to carry out their 2 weeks long internship as Technicians of electronics and Technicians of Renewable Sources of Energy. They mainly worked with drones and learnt about solar panels under the tutelage of their tutors. After hours, they explored the city walking around. During the weekend they visited other Andalusian cities – Cadiz and Cordoba. Hope they will remember these internships for long!

Dawid Wójcik

I really enjoyed the internship in Sevilla. The internship allowed me to improve my language and professional skills. I learned a lot of useful things about the construction and use of drones. I am very pleased with the tutor, Octavio Perez Lagares, who was very friendly to us during the two weeks. I visited many interesting places and monuments in my free time and during well planned trips. The hotel met my requirements and I enjoyed my stay there.

Karol Kroczek

The internship in Seville taught me a lot and broadened my knowledge about renewable energy. Our teachers and coordinators were very nice and helpful. The hotel was good. I also liked Sevilla as a city. Trips to Córdoba and Cádiz added variety to our trip. I consider the whole internship a great experience.

Piotr Pacanowski

My stay in Seville passed very quickly. I learned a lot of new things in my practical classes. The hotel was sufficiently equipped, the food was good. I liked Sevilla as much as the cities we went to during the weekend as part of the trip. I am satisfied with my stay in Seville.



Project Details

Project Number: 2021-1-PL01-KA122-VET-000035515
Number of participants: 15
Country: Przemyśl, Poland

All Projects, Electricians, Electronics, Renewable energies
Drones, renewable energies