Trainees in hospitality, electronic and robotics sector discover Seville through proffesional internships | Euromind
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About This Project

In May 14 students from Constanta in Romania have come to Seville to do their 3 week practice. They worked as housekeepers, cooks, waiters and electronics. The students could gain new experience and practice skills in these sectors. Some students developed their skills at the breakfast service and preparation of rooms for guests. Students of electronics could learn more about fixing electronic devices and help their tutors. They had opportunity to visit a drones company. In their free time they explored the capital of Andalusia and visited Cadiz, Granada and Malaga. They also took part in many activities like river cruise, bike tour, tapas night and flamenco show. For sure that they will remember this adventure for long!



Hello, I am Melis Ismail from Romania. The practice in the hotel was an interesting experience, the staff was friendly and helpful, and I learned to communicate through signs and a little Spanish. I worked as a housekeeping staff, preparing rooms for hotel guests and cleaning with the other colleagues from the hotel. In conclusion, I enjoyed the practice, and I hope I was helpful too! I wanted to give a big thanks to Euromind and my school who gave me a chance to participate in a such amazing project. I will never forget my time in Spain.


Hello, my name is Crina Gabriela Buzoianu. I am from Romania and I came to Spain for 3 weeks’ internship. In connection with the practice I am very satisfied, the hotel staff I had a chance to work with was amazing. I learned a lot with them, especially how to clean the shrimps, squid and how to make delicious salmorejo cold soup, croquetas and many more local plates. They always tried their best to show how to do my tasks perfectly and with precision. During weekends we had really nice time visiting Andalusian cities such as Granada, Malaga and Cadiz. My favourite was Cadiz, where I had an opportunity to see Atlantic Ocean for the first time and collect shells through the beach. I also tested there really tasty Spanish dish made of rice and seafood, called paella. To sum up, I want to give a big thanks to my school from Romania and Euromind team who made this experience unforgettable. I will miss you guys and never forget my time in Spain.


Hello, I am Diana Georgiana Sfintes. The internship at the hotel was an interesting experience, the staff there behaved very well with me and helped me learn and discover new things. During these three weeks I have learned to be more productive and organized. I met new people with whom I got along extremely well. To the end of this quick brief of my stay I want to give thanks to all the people who were taking care of us in Spain, especially Kasia, Iza, Ludmila and our teachers from Romania.



Project Details

Project Title: Making ready for all the jobs in the future
Project Number: 2021-1-RO01-KA121-VET- 000007062
Number of participants: 14
Country: Romania, Constanța

All Projects, Electronics, Gastronomy, Robotics
cook, Electronic, Housekeeper, Robotics, waiter