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About This Project

The group from Biała Podlaska, Poland, had the opportunity to learn a lot here, in Malaga, about the field of gastronomy, in the context of the hairdressing, about the fields of car mechanics and building.


Students working as hairdressers learned, among other things, how to organize the workplace, to get acquainted with work organization and equipment, with the cosmetics and hair care technologies. They also had to use sterilization procedures of hairdressing utensils, wash customers’ heads, assist in hair lightening and discoloration and in the performance of hair treatments, haircuts, and hairstyles.


The cooks were mainly preparing the ingredients for consumption or cooking, washing, peeling, cutting fruit, vegetables and meat, hecking the quality of food, tasting, smelling, punching with utensils, washing and drying kitchen pots/ utensils and ensuring their proper storage. They also learned a lor about typical Spanish cuisine and local specialties.


In the sector of car mechanics, students were helping with the installation and replacement of car air conditioning, in lifting the vehicle to a specified level, using a hydraulic jack, assisting in aligning and repairing wheels, in inspecting and testing new vehicles to detect potential faults, performing basic services and repair activities related to car servicing, selecting and using measurement instruments and diagnostic equipment in the vehicles and also repairing car body,
and disassembling of car body components and chassis.


Finally, students working as builders had mainly identifying main materials and tools used in the construction, relating their basic characteristics to the applications and conditions of use, preparing manually gypsum and plaster, mortars and glues, respecting instructions and assuring
its homogeneity, selecting hygiene methods to keep the facilities clean after work, preparing the workplace for flooring, tiling and plating, identifying the tasks to be performed and so on.



Apart from the work placement, Euromind team give them the chance to enjoy Spanish language and culture through a dynamic Spanish course and trips such as Malaga and Granada tour!


Paula Michaluk

“Yo y mis maestros”, in Spanish that means “me and my teachers”. Hey, my name is Paula, Im 18 years old. My passion has always been everything related to hair and I will be a hairdresser in the future.  Two weeks went by very quickly. Very nice atmosphere and smiles on their faces were something usual at work. They quickly put their trust in me and they were testing my skills. They explained me all of the hairdressing methods and techniques used in Spain. I taught them the basic words in Polish, and they were teaching me Spanish. For two weeks I dyed and modeled everything I could get my hands on. I will never forget the time I spent in Malaga. I strongly recommend and encourage everyone not to be afraid to risk and go to do their internship in Spain because it is really worth it.

Kacper Wołowik

Hola, my name is Kacper Wołowik. I would like to thank EuroMind for participating in the project
for students organized by OHP in Biała Podlaska. I would like to recommend you to take a part in
this project especially with Ms. Ania, because our cooperation was at a very high level. It is a pity
that I had to leave employees and the boss from company in which I learned a lot of useful things. I worked very well with my boss and employees because I we were getting along and always laughing. Thanks to this project I was able to visit the beautiful city o Malaga and learn about the culture of this country.



Project Details

Project Title: Wypracuj przyszłość - staże zawodowe gwarancją sukcesu na rynku pracy
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-036576
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland, Biała Podlaska

All Projects, Car mechanics, Construction, Gastronomy, Hairdressing
builders, Car mechanics, cooks, Hairdresser