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About This Project

A group of trainees from Finland came to Spain to work in the field of car mechanics. We hosted 4 trainees in Malaga where they could gain new knowledge and skills by doing different tasks, such as:

-Helping to install and replace air-conditioners.
-Helping to align and repair wheels.
-Helping to inspect and test new vehicles against damage.
-Helping to raise vehicle to a specified level, using hydraulic jack.
-Removing and disassembling units such as engines, transmissions, or differentials, to be repaired,
using hand tools and power tools.
-Cleaning a unit by using a prescribed solvent.
-Lubricating and washing vehicles.
-Performing basic services and repair activities related to car servicing, i.e. oil and filters change,
defective parts replacement, washing of the engine and other car components.
-Evaluating the quality of mechanical, electrical and electronic vehicle equipment operations.
-Selecting and using measurement instruments and diagnostic equipment in the vehicles.
-Using diagnostic computers and oscilloscopes in the workplace.
-Repairing car body, i.e. welding, brazing, riveting, sheet metal and profiles bonding, assembling
and disassembling of car body components and chassis.
-Performing maintenance and repairs in accordance with automotive vehicles manufacturer’s


Furthermore, they were not only working and learning more about cars as they could also experience Spanish language and culture,  discovering Malaga both historically and culturally during Malaga tour.


Juho Lehto

Malaga was very nice experiment. Sights were interesting. Picasso-museum and Cathedral were my favorites. Garage, where I was there was very nice people. I liked to be there, very good memories!


Anton Eftimie

Malaga is a beautiful city. I was training in a big company where I desired for. I had a great experience. It was a bit difficult at the first week in the company as I had to adapt to a new system, then I got used to and everything went earlier. I was working in the morning and most of the afternoon I was enjoying my time on the beach in a lovely weather in Malaga also visited the old.




Project Details

Project Title: READY FOR THE WORLD 2
Project Number: 2018-1-FI01-KA102-047000
Number of participants: 4
Country: Finland

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Car mechanics