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About This Project

In April 2019, euroMind had a pleasure to host a group from Poland to work in companies dedicated to the sector of logistics and stocking. They were assigned to different companies and they had different tasks accoding to the sector.


Those working in logics were mainly preparing services by obtaining and understanding of all necessary information and documents, carring out loading operations that effect the control and organization of the distribution of goods to be transported, performing the unloading operations in order to control,  administrative management in transport operations and organize the distribution of goods in the warehouse, assisting to the realization of the packaging, labeling and storage of goods and finally adding information about shipments and arrivals in the computer program


The only student assigned to the stocking sector had tasks such as moving pallets and boxes to the store, opening cases of merchandise and sort all products, placing all products in the warehouse (use staircase to access to shelves), removing and placing in the to shop all products. handling carts, boxes and high weights and even cleaning the store and the warehouse areas.


Besides the work placement, students improved their language skills in a dynamic atmosphere receiving Spanish lessons by euroMind team but also discovered the city thanks to Malaga Tour organized by our team. They also had the opportunity to visit other cities such as Gibraltar.



Rafał Kołata

EuroMind apprenticeship was a great opportunity to get to know foreign language and culture. I have gained a lot of experience in logistics which gives me confidence to start a future job. I am thankful for meeting new people and taking part in that project. It’s a pity that I was here only for 2 weeks and have to leave. I hope to see Malaga again!

Natalia Pełczyńska

I had an amazing chance of living in Malaga for two weeks. I’m happy because I met new friends, the diversity of cultures and the taste of local cuisine. The experience I have gained here will affect future. Malaga is another place that I will visit in the future.



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyki zagraniczne szansą na rozwój innowacyjności w ZST
Project Number: POWERVET-2018-1-PL01-KA102-048634
Number of participants: 10
Country: Turek, Poland

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Logistics, stocking