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About This Project

6 French trainees spent 2 months in Malaga to learn all there is to know about the field of administration and retail abroad. The trainees did internships in different companies, carrying out different tasks depending on the field.


Those working as shop assistants were mainly dealing with customer service, supporting the sales process, assisting in the management of invoices, receipts, and payments, taking care of the order in the store, unpacking products, stocking shelves, arranging displays, arranging shop windows and displays and providing advice to clients on choosing the right product and help in finding it in the store. Those working as administratives were basically controlling payments, updating payments, schedules, class shifts, recoveries of the classes, balancing the cash register of the school, controlling and preparing material that will be used for classes, analyzing prices and purchasing office supplies, providing appropriate organization of invoices, maintaining and updating records management database systems.


The trainees also learnt Spanish – both on the job as during their classes -, visited Gibraltar and had some cultural activities like Tapas Night.

Arthur Rotsen – Cassilde

At the beginning of my internship, my level of Spanish was not good, and now I am leaving with a Spanish language certificate thanks to Erasmus+ and the staff of euroMind! During these 2 months, euroMind not only gave us Spanish classes, but it helped us a lot with their advices and their presence, that is why I have to thank the whole team. I would also like to thank my company for their great contribution in helping me to better integate in the spanish culture. My experience in Spain was very instructive and it allowed me to see new horizons and open my mind. I thank all those who have made this journey a success!

Solene Allebe

During this two months in Spain I really enjoyed the time I spent with my host family, at school and in my internship. I discovered Malaga and the Spanish culture, I loved it!
In my company everything went well because the employees and my tutor were very welcoming, they take care of me and they are very patient. My tutor gives me things to do, Sra. Maria gave me a lot of work and she explained to me how to do correctly my tasks and she was attentive.
Thanks to the Spanish classes I learnt a little more of the language, it helped me a lot at work and in the daily life, and the teachers were very friendly and comprehensive.
The staff of euroMind was taking care of us all the time, they are very nice, patient with us and welcoming!
Spain is a beautiful country, and I loved the people here!



Project Details

Project Title: Stage à linternational des étudiants de 1ère année de lAMEP
Project Number: 2017-1-FR01-KA103-036225
Number of participants: 6
City & country: Martinica (France)

All Projects, Business Administration, Shop Assistant