Paella under the palm tree? Cooks, gardeners, logistics, and builders from Poland on internships in Málaga | Euromind
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About This Project

A group from Zespół Szkół Budownictwa i Kształcenia Zawodowego im. Eugeniusza Kwiatkowskiego w Koninie came to Málaga for a 3 weeks-internships in different fields, such as: construction, gastronomy, logistics and landscape architecture.


This is a one of the best ways to expand one’s knowledge and skills under the tutelage of professionals. During their stay in Spain, they acquired plenty of useful skill and new knowledge!


Students trained in restaurants, as cooks and waiters, being able to see how the sector works literally from inside-out. Others, meanwhile, worked in shops, being responsible for the logistical aspect and the delivery of new goods and inventory. It was quite a challenge, given that they were in a foreign country, but they did very well!


Some of the students had their internship at a construction company, where they had the opportunity to participate in a renovation work and the construction of new buildings. It was certainly an interesting experience, especially as they were able to compare what it is like to work on a building site in Spain and in Poland.


The last part of the group, the gardeners, spent their apprenticeship learning how to care for exotic plants and plan gardens. There was also plenty of room to play and try to weave garlands from exotic flowers.


The group also had an opportunity to travel around Andalucía and got to know some Spanish traditions! They visited: Marbella, Sevilla, Ronda, a small town located on a cliff-side with a deep chasm! They really enjoyed an amazing views and had fun!


We hope they have had the best time and have learned and experienced a lot (of great things)!


Katarzyna Górka

My stay in Malaga gave me amazing experiences. I found out that people in Malaga are helpful and nice. I met wonderful people during my practice. I saw new plants not found in Poland. I have unforgettable memories from this trip, and I would like to come here again.

Gabriela Jarecka

Spain is beautiful. I love the architecture and amazing views which is always make my heart and soul complete. People in my job are very helpful and kind. I spend a lot of time with my friends after work. We went to beach almost every day and we are full of happiness and knowledge from this trip.

Dawid Pietrzak

The opportunity to Participation in Erasmus gave me a chance to gain new knowledge, and work experience, I also learned new methods, ways of working in the kitchen, and the ability to use a foreign language. Participation in the internship in Spain gave me also the opportunity to visit the country, the region of Andalusia, I got to know the most beautiful places in Malaga, as well as in Marbella and Ronda. Thanks to my stay in Spain as a trainee, I got to know my weaknesses and strengths, I became open and tolerant of foreign cultures.



Project Details

Project Title: Zawodowcy ZSBiKZ na europejskim stażu
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-081206
Number of participants: 17
Country: Konin, Poland

All Projects, Construction, Food Production, Gardening, Gastronomy, Logistics
builder, cook, gardener, gastronomy, landscape, Logistics