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About This Project

21 students from Łomża, Poland, spent a wonderful month in Málaga doing an internship in the areas of IT and electrical engineering. This gave them the amazing opportunity to spend 4 weeks in Spain, gain new skills and experience first-hand the splendour of the feria in the capital of the Costa del Sol!


The students carried out their internships in local companies specializing in the maintenance of electrical and IT equipment, where they actively participated in the daily activities of their colleagues and, over time, also gained the opportunity to act more independently, which certainly strengthened their confidence in their own skills and took away their fear of new challenges.


In their free time, they went to visit the beautiful city of Ronda, known for its bridge connecting the two sides of the city located on two huge rocks, and to Marbella, where the group was captivated by the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful views.


Thank you for this month and we wish you continued success!



Paweł Mogielnicki

I am interested in the profession of an electrician. I wanted to see the Spanish work standards and compare them with the methods in Poland. I worked in an electric company that mainly deals with the maintenance of lighting. That was the time when I could test my skills and learn new techniques used there. In my free time, I relaxed on the beach with friends and explored the city. I really liked the city and tasting the regional food.

Jakub Bugnacki

I wanted to go to Spain because I knew that abroad internships will allow me to gain new professional skills and to learn about the other culture. I worked at a company, where I repaired and operated TVs. I spent my free time exploring monuments and tasting local dishes that were really delicious. The most surprising thing in Spain was the kindness of the local community. In and around Málaga, I liked the beautiful views the most. I am happy that I went to Spain because I learned a bit of Spanish, met a lot of interesting people and saw beautiful places.

Michał Chomontowski

I wanted to go to Spain because I think that abroad internships are a chance for career success in adult life. I liked the beautiful views there and the slower lifestyle which I was very surprised with. I repaired TVs and soundbars, I helped employees in their daily duties which were for example delivering repaired devices or filling out warranty cards. Internships in Spain allowed me to get to know a different culture and learn the language from the people who use it every day. I spent my free time visiting local landmarks, relaxing on the beach, or trying local cuisine. I met great people there and spent an awesome time.



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyki zagraniczne kluczem do sukcesu zawodowego
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-079853
Number of participants: 21
Country: Łomża, Poland

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Electricians, IT