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About This Project


A group of nine students from Šibenik, Croatia came to Seville to spend two weeks in April 2019 gaining knowledge of smart house technology and solar power. They also enjoyed the Andalusian life during the activities organized by the euroMind team.


The group dealt with a variety of tasks during the internship. Their main responsibilities were checking, identifying and maintaining the batteries and the inverters as well as assembling, calculating and designing a solar installation on a computer. They also had an opportunity to get to know different types of controllers, the types of photovoltaic cells and the qualities of the solar energy, and the risks of working with solar energy. What is more, Croatians visited solar facility of 64 kWh connected to the network and thermosolar facility


Additionally, the young interns participated in a Stadium Tour organized by the euroMind during which they saw the Real Betis Balompié Stadium located in the Heliópolis. They also visited two amazing Spanish cities – Granada and Cadiz.


 Bruno Šupe

Seville is a great city with lots of cultural attractions. I was pleased with the hostel and the people working there.

Jakov Malenica

Traveling to Spain was a great experience I learned new knowledge and skills. I got to know new language and culture.

Dujo Milković

Seville is a very pretty city. The professor was nice and easy to understand, the work was interesting and fun. The time passed fast when we worked.




Project Details

Project Title: New Skills for New Opportunities
Project Number: 2018-1-HR01-KA102-047145
Number of participants: 9
Country: Šibenik, Croatia

All Projects, Renewable energies
renewable energy, solar energy, solar installation