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About This Project

At the start of January, euroMind hosted a group of 15 Polish students in Seville. The students carried out geodetic surveying work experience placements. 


These placements allowed the students to carry out a number of different tasks. These included becoming familiar with drone regulations within Spain and the EEC/wider European Union. The students got to know the different types of drone models that exist, as well as the basics of photogrammetry, what it is, and how it works. Additionally, they were able to plan drone flights according to given requirements, carry out data collections, and obtain photos that were further processed and edited. As a result of these numerous tasks, the students learnt how to split up and prioritize large work demands and tasks.  


Beyond the activities of their work experience placements, the students also had the opportunity to experience some cultural activities. The first of these was a paella night, where the trainees were able to make their own version of this Andalusian specialty, using local ingredients to create it, under the supervision of a professional chef. Furthermore, they attended a tapas night which was a wonderful opportunity to taste this type of cuisine, whilst also experiencing the typically Spanish social atmosphere of a tapas bar. The trainees also participated in a Seville tour, where the euroMind team pointed out the most interesting landmarks, the best food places, and some general tips within the city. The students were also fortunate enough to attend weekend trips to other cities nearby; Cordoba and Gibraltar. In the multicultural city of Cordoba, the trainees visited The Mezquita (a UNESCO World Heritage Site that used to be an Islamic mosque but was later converted into a Catholic denominational Christian Cathedral), the Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs, The Calahorra Tower, and The Roman Bridge of Córdoba. Finally, in Gibraltar, the trainees had the opportunity to climb to the Top of the Rock, where they were rewarded with views across the sea to Morocco – joined by the famous monkeys!


Overall, the students thoroughly enjoyed their time in Seville, and appreciated the opportunities they received during their stay. They look forward to applying the skills and knowledge gained during this time, to work back in Poland. 



Zuzanna Staniszewska

Hello I’m Zuzia and I was one of the participants of this project. I found this project very interesting. I learned a lot on our lessons of Spanish and drones. The sights of Sevilla were very beautiful. In my opinion, the project was good. I think I could recommend this project to other students from our school.






Tomasz Felisiak

About our place where we live I can tell only good things. We have everything we could want. Food is always fresh and tasty. Seville is really nice city with a lot of attractions, people here are open and kind. I could tell the same about staff in our residence. On lessons the teacher gifs his best for us, sometimes we need to use, plan B”, but in the end I’m taking from them a lot. So I have only good feeling about this project, everything is like how I was expected.



Project Details

Project Title: Dobry start to początek sukcesu
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048574
Number of participants: 15
Country: Poland, Łódż

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Geodetic Surveying