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About This Project

In September euroMind team in Úbeda welcomed a group from Zespół Szkół im. Hugona Kołłątaja in Jordanów.  They came to Spain for a four-week internship. It was diverse group of plumbers, shop assistants, hairdressers, a carpenter and electricians who worked in many companies in the city.


The plumbers were repairing piping systems, they were separating devices such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, hot water tanks and heaters. They also were responsible for the maintenance of the swimming pools and solar panels. Shop assistants were organizing the storage process by activity and goods volume, optimizing space and handling times, as well as helping to unpack and set prices in the goods which are on the packets/boxes. The hairdressers were assisting in hair lightening and discoloration using the modern techniques and hairdressing utensils. Moreover, they were washing customers’ heads and getting it ready for cutting or other treatments required. The electricians were fabricating, dismantling, assembling of the already existing electrical installations in different buildings. Last but not least, our carpenter was supporting the installation of wooden furniture and other carpentry elements and cutting materials with hand and electric tools, and assemble, cut or shape elements.


Apart from their practices, they also had a possibility to travel around Andalusia region; Apart from their practices, they also had a possibility to travel around Andalusia region; their first trip was to Seville: a genuine city of flamenco, fiestas, siestas and fiery Hispanic passion. The city is lustrously painted with its elegant Arabian heritage and dramatic roman history. The trainees started the trip by visiting the famous Maria Luisa park on the Plaza de America and then went to the Plaza de España. The tour continued through the tobacco factory to the Cathedral and the famous Giralda. They also visited Córdoba, a large Andalusian city located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. Famous for its mosque which is now a Christian cathedral. The city was culturally tolerant, which allowed the peaceful coexistence of three major religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Currently, the city is an industrial, scientific and tourist center of global importance. To this day, it connects people of different cultures coming here from different parts of the world.


They took part in Flamenco dance workshop where they learned some basic steps. They discovered that Flamenco is an art form based on the various folkloric music traditions of southern Spain in the autonomous community of Andalusia and Murcia and they also learned that Flamenco has been influenced by and associated with the Romani people in Spain.


For each of the students the internship in Spain was unforgettable experience which helped them improve their skills but also make friends and get to know Spanish culture. Some of them will definitely come back here soon!



Dominik Nowak

I really liked my internship. Every day was different, there were always new things to do, so we were never bored. Above all, I learned a lot about canalization. My boss and his employees were very nice, friendly and funny. The atmosphere at work was great, the boss was very helpful, always ready to explain new things.


Mateusz Pasiowiec

I think my stay in Spain from the Erasmus + programme was very positive. I am happy to have participated in this program. I got to know the traditions and customs of the Spanish people and the traditional dishes. I learned many things in my profession.  I acquired the basic techniques of furniture assembly and learned many useful things. I had a very good and understanding boss. I liked my experience very much



Anna Krupa

Our Beauty salon located in Ubeda is a place where you can not only improve your self-image but also find a look that suits you and enjoy personalized treatments with the best products. Our boss gives advice to every client personally. She is also very nice and helpful, and she makes you feel like you are at home. The atmosphere in this place was very friendly. I learned a lot of new things and different techniques.







Project Details

Project Title: Ole! Kołłątaj na podbój Europy II
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-062746
Number of participants: 17
Country: Poland, Jordanów

All Projects, Carpentry, Electricians, Hairdressing, Plumbing, Shop Assistant
Carpenter, carpentry, electrician, hair, Hairdresser, plumber, shop assistant