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About This Project

In January, 16 students from Grzybno, Poland arrived in Seville. They spent 3 weeks undertaking internships in Veterinary and Architecture placements to develop their professional skills.


The trainees doing placements as Veterinary Assistants were tasked with performing simple examinations of animals, feeding and supplying water for the animals, sterilising workplace tools and cleaning and disinfecting cages and work areas (among other responsibilities). Those who were taking part in Gardening placements had tasks such as soil preparation, learning about different types of seeds, making spiral gardens from aromatic plants, installing irrigation equipment and sowing the mandala garden. As demonstrated the trainees had a great number of responsibilities in both placements.


The students also immersed themselves in the Spanish language and culture. They started by taking an intensive Spanish course where they were equipped with Spanish grammar and practical everyday phrases that they could use outside the classroom. euroMind´s teaching methods were very effective as all the students passed the final written exam with great results! The group also went on a Study Visit to a Dog Grooming workshop, where they learned the necessary steps to properly cut dogs fur, take care of them and develop their clipping skills with scissors and electric razors! They then had the opportunity to explore more of Andalusia. First was The American Garden in Seville, one of the few gardens in which you can find rich and diverse types of American plants in Europe. Next up was the Seville tour. Being the artistic, cultural and financial capital of Andalusia, the city has lots to offer. Seville is also representative of the harmony between different Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures and religions. On euroMind’s tour the students were able to comprehend this history. They were also given some useful tips on where to hang out in the city!


The students were also lucky enough to visit two other important Andalusian cities: Córdoba and Malaga. In Córdoba, the group visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Great Mosque of Córdoba – as well as seeing the Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs and the Calahorra Tower. Last but not least, the students headed to the coast! Malaga, one of the oldest cities in Europe, is located in the Costa del Sol and is sunny and warm pretty much all year round. The famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso was born here as well as popular actor Antonio Banderas!

After a busy 2 weeks, everyone in the group was very proud of what they had achieved. As well as having an unforgettable cultural experience, the students developed skills that will help them in their future careers.



Bartosz Soroczyński

I really enjoy the practical classes and the whole project. Classes are conducted very well and the coordinator conducts them very wisely and has time for each apprentice. The atmosphere and workplace is very good. The person conducting the classes is very nice and speaks fluently in many languages, which makes it easier for us to communicate and understand our tasks. I have no drawbacks to these classes.



Wiktoria Sika

I did an internship in Seville as a veterinary technician. I was very happy with the internship. Cooperation with zoo employees was successful and I learned many new useful skills every day and thanks to my tutor I learned to interpret animal behavior better.



Project Details

Project Title: Projektujemy europejską przyszłość zawodową
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-063445
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Grzybno

All Projects, Gardening, Veterinary
Animals, Gardening, Plants, Veterinary