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About This Project

In November, a group of 16 Polish students came to Seville for two weeks to carry out their e-commerce placements with euroMind.


The students had many responsibilities on this placement. The first of these was learning how to install and configure local servers and programmes, and learning about software applications that provide extensive facilities to computer programmers for the purpose of software development. They also became familiar with how to download, install, and configure various different plug-ins for programmes, as well as how to configure search engine optimization and payment gateways, to sell products via the internet. They also downloaded and installed online shop software, and following this, were taught how to configure delivery costs in terms of geographical area.


The trainees also took part in a number of activities beyond those of their placement. The first of these cultural activities was a Seville Tour run by euroMind. This helped the trainees to understand the city from a historical and artistic point of view, but also allowed them to see where the best places were to go for food, shopping, or generally relaxing during their free time. Furthermore, they attended a tapas night, where the euroMind team took the trainees to a local bar to allow them to experience some of the typical Spanish social atmosphere, while tasting some Andalusian specialties. Finally, the trainees were able to visit Cordoba as a day trip. Here, they visited the Mezquita (a UNESCO World Heritage Site that used to be an Islamic Mosque, before being later converted into a Catholic denominational Christian Cathedral). They also visited the Alcazar Gardens, the Calahorra Tower, where they better appreciated the blend of cultures within Cordoba, and the Roman Bridge of Cordoba.


The students really enjoyed their time in Seville, and are looking forward to applying their newly acquired e-commerce and Spanish language skills to work in Poland. They were very grateful for the cultural and educational opportunities that were afforded to them.


Jakub Ściślicki

My training was great. I learned many new things, for example, using WordPress and xampp. The conditions in the workplace were very good, and our workstations were user-friendly. We visited many places in Seville and we went on a trip to Córdoba where we saw many historic monuments which showed the multicultural character of the city.

Kamil Sobczyk

I learned a lot of practical professional things during practical classes, such as how to create a website or design a company logo. I improved my language skills during Spanish classes. There was a very good atmosphere during the lessons. During my stay, I visited a lot of interesting places such as the cathedral in Córdoba and during our stay in Sevilla we visited all the possible sights and I think it is a very nice experience.



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyki bez granic drogą do sukcesu
Project Number: POWERVET -2018-1-PL01-KA102-048006
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Porębie

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