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About This Project

In October, euroMind welcomed a group of 20 Polish students to Seville. These students were carrying out multiple internships in different sectors; geodetics, logistics, hospitality, and gastronomy.


The trainees on geodetic placements became familiar with geodetic surveyors and the way they work, and learnt how to create reviews and reports on their findings and to present their work. Those carrying out logistic internships were responsible for organizing products in the store and warehouse areas, and also for removing these products from the warehouse and putting them in the shop. The students who were completing hospitality placements also had numerous responsibilities. These included getting to know how the different bodies of a hotel (housekeeping staff, reception and the laundry unit etc.) all work together. They were also responsible for providing tourist information about the city and the region to customers, and taking notes of guests concerns while paying attention to special requests in a professional way. Finally, the students doing internships in gastronomy learnt about typical Spanish cuisine and local specialties, such as tortilla de patatas, as well as being responsible for receiving, storing and distributing raw materials, as well as both preparing and serving the drinks and food.


Beyond the activities of their various traineeships, the group participated in multiple cultural activities. The first of these was a Seville Tour run by euroMind coordinators. This allowed the trainees to understand the city from a historical and artistic point of view, as well as gain some shopping and eating tips. Additionally, with a local school, the trainees took part in a language and cultural exchange. In meeting young Spanish people, the same age as them, the group learnt about Spanish culture whilst also making international friendships and becoming more confident in practicing their Spanish skills. Furthermore, the group visited Malaga on one of their weekends. Here they explored the old Roman Theatre and the Cathedral, and finished their trip on Malagueta Beach. Finally, they enjoyed a day trip to Cadiz too, where the trainees had the opportunity to explore some key historical monuments and places, and relaxed on Caleta beach for the rest of the day afterwards.


The students all had a wonderful time, and look forward to using the skills they have learnt in Spain, both related to their work places and their greater cultural appreciation for Spain, in the future.


Anna Wenta

This foreign internship has taught me how to better communicate with people of other nationalities, and above all I gained more confidence.

Jakub Dopierała

During my internship, I learned to deal with difficult situations and, despite facing adversity with the language barrier, managed to cope. Work also taught us patience, boldness and how to approach a customer and be open with me. Even though we sometimes had setbacks, we faced them and I consider these two weeks as a good period that were nice to work through.



Project Details

Project Title: Europejska akademia zawodowców ZSBiKZ
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049721
Number of participants: 20
Country: Poland, Koninie

All Projects, Gastronomy, Geodetic Surveying, Logistics, Restaurant industry
gastronomy, Geodetic Surveying, Hospitality, Logistics