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About This Project

During their stay, these 16 enthusiastic Polish trainees made their way to Seville in order to participate in a month-long traineeship at a renowned local host company in order to improve their professionals skills and knowledge. Whilst gaining a unique training experience the students equally improved their practical and linguistic skills in the process.


Their main tasks included:


  • Moving pallets and boxes to the store
  • Opening cases of merchandise and sort all products
  • Handling carts, boxes and high weights
  • Cleaning the store and the warehouse areas


During their stay, the trainees showed a lot of determination and commitment, whilst equally impressing their tutors with their skills and knowledge. But apart from successfully completing their traineeships, there was still plenty of time left for them to take part in numerous social and cultural activities, a.o. tapas night, Sevilla city cruise and a trip to Gibraltar.



Kamila Kostarczyk:

‘During my apprenticeship I could use the knowledge I had previously gained and gain new experiences and practical training with regards to logistic work. I improved my linguistic skills. At work I could always count on other employees which is why I wasn’t stressed at all. By taking part in this project I am more punctual, precise and responsible. I am more open to people and new experienes in general.’


Roksana Całkowska: 

‘My name is Roksana. I am 18 years old. I participated in this project because I wanted to improve my skills in English and Spanish and gain experience. This apprenticeship taught me how my job would look like in real life. I was working in a team of 9 people who were very calm, friendly and outgoing.’



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyka czyni mistrza
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-024164
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Poznán (Poland)

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