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About This Project

Where else would you go to do an internship on solar energy but to the south of Spain? That must have been the idea of the 17 Polish solar energy installers we had the pleasure to receive here in Seville. During their two-week stay in October 2016, the trainees carried out plenty of tasks and so improved their knowledge about renewable energies. Their tasks included, amongst others:


– Checking, identifying and maintaining the inverters

– Assembling the isolated solar installation

– Calculating and scaling the solar installation in a computer

– Designing the isolated solar installation in the computer

– Assembling electrical panel and AC power circuits of the house, solar circuit of the house

– Assembling plumbing installation for the shower and water taps, with the solar pump


The students also had the opportunity to visit the largest solar complex in Europe and learn even more specific information about their field of study.


Of course the internship didn’t only consist of work, but also included some relaxation and sight seeing. The students had the opportunity to visit Malaga, one of the most famous cities in Andalusia, and were shown around the city in Seville. They were also taught their first Spanish words and sentences to help them adapt to their new second home.


Łukasz Patryk Oleksak:

‘Thanks to this training I got a lot of practical knowledge. Our teacher Javier is very kind and always understands us. I think that he is trying to teach everything that he knows and he cares about his students.’

Damian Jacek Mazur:

‘During our training we learnt how to install collectors and with the help of our teacher Javier I have learnt to use the AutoCAD programme. I also got to know the Spanish culture because we were travelling a lot. I am very happy that I could come here, to Spain.’



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyki zawodowe - szansą na lepsze jutro
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-014857
Number of participants: 17
City & country: Stalowa Wola (Poland)

All Projects, Electricians, Renewable energies