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Project Details

Project Title: I am a creative employee in a rapidly changing labor market
Project Number: 2014-1-PL01-KA102-000238
Number of participants: 17
City & country: Czerwionka-Leszczyny (Poland)

All Projects, Business Administration, Food Production, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry, Restaurant industry
About This Project

Just one week after Spain’s national holiday, we had the agreeable visit of a group of 17 Polish trainees. These youngsters would stay for a period of 3 weeks in Seville working at different companies in the administration and culinary sector.


The trainees successfully complete tasks such as:


Business administration:

  • Preparing and describing bills
  • Entering personal information of clients in the computer
  • Organising bills in chronological order
  • Binding and laminating documents



  • Preparing vegetables and fruits
  • Preparing main dishes
  • Decorating dishes
  • Preparing seafood


Outside their working hours, the trainees were also well taken care of by our euroMind staff: they were offered Spanish classes, went for a tapas night and visited the city and beaches of Malaga. We had a great time with these trainees and hope they have fond memories of their stay here.


Ewelina Wądołkowska

Ewelina Wądołkowska:

‘The atmosphere is very good. My boss is very helpful; he always takes care of me. I like spending time at work. I think I’m gaining a lot of experience in the field. And what’s more, every day I’m learning something new in Spanish.’

Kamil Pniaczek1

Kamil Pniaczek:

‘The company I’m working at is really nice. The atmosphere is good and I’m gaining a lot of new experience in my field. My relationship with my boss is great.’