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About This Project

On Halloween 2015, 9 Croatian teachers of vocational education crossed the Mediterranean for a not-so-scary new destination: Seville! During their week-long stay, these teachers in the fields of nursing, physiotherapy, pedagogy and psychology enjoyed several study visits to two local hospitals, a college of nursing and a center of physiotherapy.


Some of their impressions about the centers they visited:


“They have better communication between different health care levels through electronical devices. Volunteers take care of patients who do not have family/visitors and work and play with children with cancer. They also have very good practices; the patient´s family are included in rehabilitation during their therapy.”


“We have seen new modern methods of treatment in physiotherapy. These methods help patients and their injuries improve better and faster.”


From the feedback we received, we have the impression the job shadowing was a beneficial experience for all the teachers and we hope they have been able to implement some of the Spanish techniques in their own classes.



Project Details

Project Title: Work, Research, and Innovation for the Tomorrow
Project Number: 2015-1-HR01-KA102-012807/02
Number of participants: 9
City & country: Slavonski Brod (Croatia)

All Projects, Child Care, Nursing, Social work, VET Teachers