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About This Project

In the end of May 2018 we hosted in Seville a group of 28 Polish trainees from Katowice. Some of them came to the Andalusian capital in order to do an internship in Administration in local companies. The other part spent here two weeks improving their professional skills and competencies participating in an electronic programme, making their own drones. They performed such tasks as:

  • testing the drone
  • controlling a drone using different types of movements,
  • building a drone from scratch,
  • completing the drone, using Arduino with JAVA, from eclipse and knowledge of API and creating a joystick to control the drone flight
  • Providing professional, courteous and friendly service to the clients
  • Creating and modifies documents using Microsoft Office
  • Performing general office duties
  • Using photocopier, printer and scanner .

Then, during their training programme, they could visit a company specialized in building drones and discover the everyday reality in the professional environment.  During the evenings and on the weekends, the group had an opportunity to participate in various cultural activities and trips. Firstly, they visited Sevilla and discovered its most famous places during a Seville Tour. When it comes to the trips, the group went to Cadiz, wonderful Andalusian city and to Gibraltar. During the day-trip, the group visited the city centre enchants with old buildings and charming squares surrounded by countless cafés and bars. They could enjoy the rest of the day at the charming Caleta Beach. In Gibraltar, the group could enjoy the visit of the Monkey Park, the only place in Europe where the wild monkeys live.

We hope that our trainees had fun and that they learned many things that will be useful for their future work and private life.


Piotr Stępień 2Piotr Stępień
Apprenticeships in Seville were really great. I learned how to build and how to fly a drone and it was great experience for me. I really enjoyed trips to Gibraltar and Cadiz, because I saw amazing views, funny apes and I saw how people live there. The city was wonderful, there were a lot of beautiful monuments and society was nice and friendly.

Mateusz Kowalczyk1.jpegMateusz Kowalczyk:

The internship in Seville was great. We learned many things about drones here: the types of drones, their construction and the principle of operation. We had the opportunity to fly drones, which we built ourselves. Internship in Spain was also a good way to train our skills in English. When we didn’t go to work, we had the opportunity to visit towns such as Gibraltar, Cadiz and Seville. Thanks to our guide Magda, we felt that we had someone to rely on, if we had any problems. Living here was an amazing experience and I will never forget about it.

maryMarharyta Zadnipriana:

Internship in Seville was a really great time for me. I have developed many interpersonal skills like teamwork, communication or even working with a computer. In addition, now I can manage several projects at the same time. I have learned how to use a database to generate final reports and analyse data. Also I have learned a lot of interesting things about Spain and its culture or society. In my free time I visited many beautiful places and buildings. I have gained a lot of experience that will be useful in my future worksite.



Project Details

Project Title: Nauczyciele i uczniowie ZSTiO nr 2 w Katowicach - zawodowcy z pasją!
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037116
Number of participants: 28
City & country: Poland (Katowice)

All Projects, Business Administration, Electricians, Electronics