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About This Project

At the end of february, a group of 14 students from Drobeta-Turnu Severin, were hosted by euroMind in Malaga to gain a 3-weeks internship as metal worker.
Each student got a unique experience, they were working in five different host companies and positions.


In the metallurgy field, students had to use traditional hand tools such as hammers, punches and tongs or anvils. In order to cut metal sheets, trainees learned how to bend and fold the metal, both in hot and cold way. They practiced their knowledge on several materials, such as steel, iron, copper and bronze to make decorative and everyday items. They improved their capacities to work with these materials by learning filing and mechanical punching techniques but also how to join metals together using various blacksmithing methods.


At first, trainees were visiting the Malaga city center. In fact, Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world. The tour passed by ruins from The Roman, Moorish and Christian civilizations including various monuments of the city.


They had the opportunity to discover the city of Ronda. Ronda is notable for its cliff-side setting, a large chasm that splits the town and carries the Guadalevn River, as well as many legends and love stories surrounding the town’s creation and development. Traditional bullfighting is also available in the area, particularly because Ronda is home to one of Spain’s oldest bullfighting arenas.


Students received proper Spanish courses from our Spanish teacher, and we placed a strong emphasis on practice, therefore students play a lot in class since we believe that the game is the best teacher. When it comes to characterizing Spanish classes, two features come to mind: dynamic and practical. As a result, following a time of hard and tough study, the students were required to write a test. Every single one of the participants achieved a perfect score!


Alex-Andrei Lutca 

During these 3 weeks, I learned a lot of new things. For example, I learned about the culture of Spain and about the profession I practice: welder. I am very happy to have had the good fortune to meet wonderful people with whom I spent these 3 weeks. Daniel, Dani, Diego and Pepe were our tutors, they are wonderful people and they taught us lot. I learned to weld with electrodes, I went to install gates and fences, I painted parts.
In my free time, I visited a very beautiful city of Spain: Ronda. This city, which is one of the oldest towns in Spain, is located in the mountains and is known for its spectacular position and views. I am very happy that I participated in this project, I encourage the other colleagues to come as well. Thanks to the Erasmus + Program and the coordinating team in this project!

Ionut-Daniel Purcaru 

It is impossible not to have beautiful memories and impressions after participating in an Erasmus mobility in Spain. Especially if you are staying in Torremolinos and practicing in Malaga, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. I liked everything: my internship company, the hotel where we were accommodated in, the meals, the Spanish language classes, the trips to Ronda and Setenil, the city of Malaga and the Museum of Malaga.
The people I met in Spain (at the hotel, on the street…) were all calm, benevolent and polite. The tutors and the other workers in the company took care of us and paid a lot of attention to us. I felt very good in their team. They wanted us to learn something new in our profession, which I did. The company was very well equipped: it had the most modern digitized industrial equipment. EuroMind organization was very good. We knew every day what we had to do, we were not allowed to be late and the program was sometimes a bit busy, but in general it was a nice experience.

Andrei-Mugurel PÎRVU 

This Erasmus project opened my eyes to the way I see my future. If until now I just thought I would be hired by a company in my city, now I think I can manage to find a better job, even abroad. This is thanks to my tutor from the Arana company in Malaga, David. He taught me many things in my job as a welder, he encouraged me and made me have more confidence in myself. I am sad that time passed so quickly and that I had to break up with the team I worked with at Arana. I would like to have them with me at home in Romania, in the Shipyard where we practice. The accommodation and dining conditions were excellent. I have never lived in a hotel as beautiful as Parasol Garden.
I want to thank those at EuroMind who brought us to beautiful places such as Torremolinos and Malaga. I also enjoyed the trip to Ronda and Setenil, the Mediterranean Sea and I felt very good with my colleagues and teachers in this whole adventure




Project Details

Project Titl: Shape your Professional Future with Erasmus+
Project Number: 2020-1-RO01-KA102-078633
Number of participants: 14
Country: Romania, Drobeta-Turnu Severin

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