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About This Project

In March, 16 Polish students from Szczecin came to Úbeda for a three-week internship. They worked as graphic designers, shop assistants, and administrative assistants.


The majority of the trainees worked as graphic designers and were able to develop their skills in this profession. They were able to be creative whilst working on design projects and learned how to use programmes such as Photoshop and how to meet the demands of the client when working on projects.


The shop assistants worked in a pet shop, a grocery, and a sports shop. They were able to learn how to interact with customers and handle a cash register, as well as putting out stock and helping with deliveries.


The administrative assistants did tasks such as filling out invoices, filing documents, and working with office software.


As well as their internship, the trainees also took part in lots of cultural activities to learn more about Spanish culture and traditions.  They enjoyed taking part in a churros workshop where they learned how to prepare and cook churros and had the chance to try some typical Spanish food. They also visited the famous synagogue of water in Úbeda, a medieval synagogue which was discovered in the historic centre. The most important discovery in the synagogue was the mikveh, a bath for ritual purification during Jewish ceremonies.


Furthermore, the trainees had the opportunity to visit different cities in Andalusia. They visited Granada, where learned about the importance of the Catholic monarchs Isabelle and Ferdinand, and visited the Alhambra, where Isabelle and Ferdinand raised the flag to mark the capture of Granada. They also went on a trip to Seville and were able to visit the Royal Alcazar, one of the oldest palaces in the world that is still currently in use.


Finally, the trainees had a Spanish course, where they learned vocabulary related to the fields of the internship, which they found very useful. They also learned how to communicate in daily situations in Spanish and were able to practice this when they were in Úbeda.


We hope that all the trainees really enjoyed their time in Úbeda and that they will be able to use the skills and experience gained during their stay in the future!


Robert Jarmułowicz

In my place of work, there was a very nice atmosphere. The people were friendly and you can talk to them easily. They gave me lots of interesting tasks to do and if I didn´t understand something, they explained it with a smile on their face. I am glad that I ended up in this company. I have never met such nice people in my life.


Przemysław Gołota

My internship was a real pleasure! First of all, the people were always helpful, explained my mistakes, tried to direct the design to meet the client´s expectations, and it was at the right level. I worked very well because I knew that if I had a problem, there would be people to help me. When doing projects, there was no limitations, I could use my creativity. Was the work hard? Yes and no, it depended on the project, but regardless of the difficulty of the task, it was enjoyable!


Kamila Wieczorek

I am very happy with my internship, which has allowed me to apply the knowledge I have acquired at school and to learn something new. Thanks to this experience, I overcame the language barrier and learnt lots of new words in Spanish.




Project Details

Project Title: Dobry zawód dobra praca
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-080246
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland; Szczecin

All Projects, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Shop Assistant
administration, Administrative Assistant, Graphic designer, shop assistant