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About This Project

18 students from Chocianów in Silesia in Poland came to Málaga for apprenticeships. They
gained valuable experience and skills under the supervision of their tutors during the four-week
internship program in the profession of mechatronics and logistics. It was a great opportunity to
test their skills and experience living in another country.


Students training in the field of logistics gained the opportunity to supplement their knowledge,
as well as participate in its practical application by participating in, among others, organization of
the team’s work or participation in the processes of optimizing the operation of stores. Thanks to
this, they gained an insight into the operation of host companies from the inside. By participating
in the preparation of logistics processes, students also had the opportunity to participate in risk
analysis, an element that cannot be ignored in this and many other industries. Another practical
skill that future logisticians gained was managing data collection systems.


On the other hand, students trained to become mechatronics polished their skills mainly in the
field of machine operation in order to get to know their characteristics as much as possible. This
allowed them to participate in 3D design and modeling using CAD software. Thanks to this, they could better organize their own work and participate in the analysis and evaluation of technical drawings and documentation.


During free time, the group participated in a city tour in Malaga. During the tour, they saw the
most important monuments and landmarks characteristic of the city, such as the Alcazaba castle
and the remains of a theater from Roman times. Moreover, the students took part in a catamaran
cruise along the shores of Malaga and had the opportunity to observe beautiful views from the


What’s more, Sevilla and Ronda are also among the places visited by the group. The first is the
capital of the Community of Andalusia with the famous Plaza de España, the Alcázar and the
world’s largest wooden monument- Setas de Sevilla. In Ronda, students had the opportunity to
see the oldest bullfight arena in Spain and a nearly 100-meter-high bridge connecting the two
sides of the city built on the rock. The trainees also took part in one of the most famous activities
recommended to participate in Andalusia, which is a trekking in Caminito del Rey, an aerial
path the fragments of which lead between narrow passages in the gorge and at a height of several
dozen meters.



The students also took part in a Spanish language course, which was surely useful for them
during their apprenticeship and in their free time.


We hope it was an unforgettable experience for each participant, which allowed them to broaden
their horizons, both professional and cultural.


Norbert Zywicki

The trip to Spain was amazing. I learned a lot of things. I have visited beautiful places such as Plaza
de España in Seville and Caminito Del Rey. I had a lot of support from the Euromind coordinator. I
am glad I could take part in this project.

Alan Greniuk

The trip to Malaga was one of the best trips I have ever had. I learned a lot, for example language,
culture. For sure I will continue my journey with Spanish. The views in Spain were amazing and
beautiful. I met a lot of new fantastic people. Our coordinator Maja was the best coordinator I could
have ever thought about

Oliwia Machacz

I learned many interesting things, overcame my language
barrier and learned to communicate with people from many countries. I met many interesting
people, the culture of food and the language of Spain. The whole project is an unforgettable
adventure that has taught me many things that will be useful in my life. 



Project Details

Project Title: Rozwój zawodowy poprzez praktykę zagraniczną
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-078257
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland; Chocianów

All Projects, Logistics, Mechatronic engineering
Logistics, mechatronics