Croatian trainees explore the worlds of IT, electricity and mechatronics in Seville through hands-on practice | Euromind
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About This Project

We welcomed six students from Elektrotehnička i prometna škola Osijek in the beautiful city of Seville for a successful two-week internship. The students did internships in the fields of IT, electricity and mechatronics.

Throughout their internships, IT technicians learned about installing and operating software and hardware, configuring and working with a variety of applications, necessary for the virtual world.

Electrician trainees also gained expertise in assisting in the installation of electrical systems and maintenance tasks in private houses and companies’ buildings.

Moreover, the mechatronics technicians learnt how to use counters and apply the knowledge of metrology, operate and monitor machines for cutting, drilling and grinding the metal, and analyse information derived from technical documentation. We’re proud to have equipped them with valuable skills and knowledge that will help them in their future career.



I have recently completed my third year of studies at the Electrotechnical and Traffic School in Osijek, specializing as a mechatronic technician. During my stay here, I have learned the basics of Spanish and acquired various skills related to fixing and repairing household appliances. Additionally, I have gained experience in soldering, allowing me to confidently tackle many tasks and evolve in my job. I strongly believe that participating in the Erasmus project is highly beneficial as it helps you gain valuable life skills. Also it provides the opportunity to meet new people, and offers insights into different cultures. I sincerely hope to have the chance to be part of the Erasmus project again in the future. I have had a wonderful experience during my stay here!


Recently, I completed my third year of studies at the Electrotechnical and Traffic School in Osijek. Specifically, I specialize in mechatronic technology. My time here has been truly enjoyable! The culture, architecture, and people have all been beautiful. This experience has taught me the value of independence and has allowed me to improve my language skills in Spanish and English. Additionally, I have acquired practical skills in metalworking, as well as operating and maintaining CNC machines. Overall, my professional knowledge and experience in various aspects of my field have improved. I definitely believe that everyone should participate in the Erasmus project because it offers valuable life lessons, opportunities to meet new people, and exposure to different cultures. I hope to be part of this project again in the future!



Project Details

Project Number: 2020-1-HR01-KA116-077562
Number of participants: 7
Country: Osijek, Croatia

All Projects, Electricians, IT, Mechatronic engineering
Electricity, IT, mechatronics