Logisticians and graphic designers from Szczecin in Ubeda exploring Andalusia and improving their professional skills | Euromind
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About This Project

Seventeen young students from Szczecin took part in euroMind´s project which was realized in the city Ubeda, in the region of olive oil trees – Jaen. Between 10th and 30th of March 2019 they could learn Spanish, participate in various cultural activities, trips and what more important – in their professional practice in their fields of logistics and graphic design.


They got some new skills, competences, and knowledge, among others: trainee knows how to help with the inventory management, provide suitable preparation of goods; trainee is able to assist with the coordination of the store space upon arrival of the new delivery of goods; trainee is able to maintain the warehouse in order and clean; he can identify the equipment at his/her workplace; trainee can use specific terms to communicate at work and restock all the supplies and items required for service.


From the field of graphic design trainee knows the principles and rules of occupational health and safety; knows in Spanish the specific terms related to graphic design; trainee knows the main computer-aided graphic design software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.; trainee knows the basics for administrating websites in terms of designing, maintaining and updating web content and overall webpage layout; has a practical understanding of graphic design strategies; trainee has knowledge of editing and preparing photos to use them for marketing purposes; trainee knows the process to create final layouts for printing.


Moreover, our trainees had opportunities to participate in trips to Malaga, Sevilla, Granada, and Baeza, they could dance in a flamenco dance workshop and see a wonderful ceramics in the Visiting Museum of Artisan Pottery.

How did you run their project you can see and read below.


Agata Ciastko

My practice as a logistic was great. My tutor is very nice and helpful and thanks to him I could improve my professional skills here. Out trips were cool and I liked sightseeing the cities of Andalusia. The weather was really nice so in our free time, we could walk around the city and sunbath. The food was very tasty, Juani and Pepi – our hosts in the residence were very friendly. Lena and Monica are lovely, helpful coordinators. I fell in love with Ubeda and with all the people around me. I fully recommend this project!

Olgierd Gacki

All the activities organized by euroMind were well organized and made me very happy. On the trips, we got to know a bit more of Spanish culture and most of all we spent a great time there. I will remember my internship as well as trips. I have learned many things that will be useful in my future career. EuroMind, in my opinion, is the best if you want to combine a great adventure with learning many things.

Filip Małecki

I like the atmosphere on the practice, I met there the best employers and very helpful people. My work placement is nice. The coordinators are lovely and very supportive. The tours were very interesting but maybe too short for me. The best was my coordinator – Lena and Monica. Pepi and Juani – our cooks – they make the best food in the whole of Spain! Thanks, euroMind!



Project Details

Project Title: Twój zawód twoją szansą
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037681
Number of participants: 17
Country: Poland, Szczecin

All Projects, Graphic Design, Logistics
Administrative Assistant, Graphic design, logistic, Logistic Assistant, Marketing Assistant - Publicist, Web Designer Assistant