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About This Project

A group of students from  Poland, came to Spain to work in different fields. We hosted 21 students in Malaga, who were doing their internships in different companies. Students could gain new knowledge and skills by doing different tasks depending on the field:


Students working as carpenters were able to support installation of wooden furniture and other carpentry elements as well as to prepare the workplace and keeping it in order, and the necessary tools to work. They were selecting and using the tools, machines, and equipment necessary to perform the tasks assigned, the measuring instruments and gauges. They learned to cut materials with hand and electric tools, assemble, cut or shape elements, read plans and specifications to determine the dimensions, materials required and installation processes to be followed, in addition to assist in the manufacture of wooden products, in the repair, renovation, and maintenance of carpentry, perform work related to the operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment used in carpentry for boats.


Those working as hairdressers had to organize the workplace, select of appropriate tools and supplies for hairdressers, understand the work organization and equipment usually used by hairdressers, provide excellent customer service in accordance with the principles of culture and art of hairdressing, understand the cosmetics and haircare technologies used by hairdressers as well as how to use sterilization procedures of hairdressing utensils, bleach and highlight hair using modern techniques and hairdressing utensils, change hair color and hair shape, haircut with a use of auxiliary techniques, apply the hygiene, disinfection and sterilization regulations connected with hairdressing, provide new hair styles and hair treatments, execute permanent waving hair and perform basic manicure and pedicure techniques.


Within the field of gastronomy, students were setting tables, providing cutlery, crockery, and glasses, the menu, information about its content and other advice, recommend combinations, serve food and drinks, clear tables and return dishes and cutlery to the kitchen, learn about typical Spanish cuisine and local specialties, perform skilled cooking and food preparation, assist in coordinating food service activities to have meals prepared at the scheduled time, wash and dry kitchen pots/ utensils and finally ensuring their proper storage.



Finally, as shop assistants, students had to deal with customer service, support the sales proces, assist in the management of invoices, receipts and payments. They learned how to take care of the order in the store, to unpack products, stock shelves, arrange displays, shop windows, to provide advice to clients on choosing the right product and help in finding it in the store.


Moreover, apart from the work placement, they could also experience Spanish culture. Students had a dynamic Spanish language course, tapas night, Malaga tour and also a trip to Gibraltar, where our tour guides made their trips more enjoyable!


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Jan Oleksa

All my trip was very exciting, I met many helpful people and it was interesting. Our coordinator Ania organized interesting excursions during my stay in Spain. The place of my internship was selected according to my interest and I learn a lot more. Our euroMind mentor was understanding and skillful to help us at any time when we had a any problem.

Klaudia Nowikiewicz

I will remember the practice in Malaga very well. I have learned a lot of new methods, such as dyeing or shearing. The boss was telling me many times told with great passion about various curiosities related to hairdressing. On Saturday, March 23, together with the whole group, the teachers and our best coordinator we went to Gibraltar. The trip was very tiring, but worth the views and impressions. It was worth to go up to the top and see all these beautiful views, and of course the biggest attraction – monkeys. I liked it a lot.



Project Details

Project Title: Inwestycja w przyszłość – postaw na sukces
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-047566
Number of participants: 21
Country: Poland

All Projects, Carpentry, Food Production, Gastronomy, Hairdressing, Shop Assistant
carpentry, cook, Cooking, Hairdresser, hairdressing, shop assistant