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About This Project

In March 2019, Euromind greeted 14 students from France to work in different companies located in Seville. Students were willing to work as administrative assistants, tour guide assistants, receptionists, shop assistants or social workers.


The students of administration and customers care showed interest in working in shops, educational centers or museum. Here students could improve their skills as shop or administrative assistants doing several tasks like:

– Controlling payments
– Updating payments, schedules, class shifts, recoveries of the classes

– Balancing the cash register of the school
– Controlling and preparing material that will be used for classes

– Analyzing prices and purchasing office supplies

– Providing customer service in a professional, courteous and friendly manner

– Creating and modifies documents using Microsoft Office
– Performing general office duties
– Using a photocopier, printer, and scanner

-Providing tourists/ customers with information
-Distribution of printed materials related to events organized by the company
-Receiving and sending correspondence
-Collecting and archiving documentation
-Arranging files
-Creating and modifying documents using Microsoft Office
-Customer service
-Office work: use of computer programs, applications and technical equipment (phone, fax, copier, shredder, etc)
-Ordering and archiving invoices
-Dealing with financial paperwork and filling


A group of students was more interested in the welcoming of foreign people working as receptionists in Sevillian hotels or as a tour guide assistants. They had the opportunity to develop their knowledges about these sectors doing tasks such as:

– Searching new interesting information, stories about the city, locals or restaurants to go and activities to do
– Accompanying and helping a tourist guide during trips in Seville
– Writing a blog about the positive and negative impacts of tourism in Andalusia

– Analyzing the objectives of responsible tourism development at different companies (private, public and voluntary)
– Collaborating in the design of holiday packages incorporating principles of responsible tourism

– Being responsible for the transport of bikes
– Assisting in the reinforcement of collaboration with other tourism companies in the city
– Collaborating in the development of tours in different points of the city
– Assisting in the reservation process, issuing tickets and vouchers and other relevant documents related to the services provided

– Assisting in welcoming the guest to the hostel and arranging reservations
– Assisting in check-ins and check-outs and complete procedures when guests arrive and leave

– Taking notes of guests concerns and paying attention to special requests in a professional way

– Helping guests with luggage storage, storing valuable objects
– Ordering taxis
– Providing tourist information about the city and the region
– Contacting hotel booking websites in case of any queries recurring customer`s problems
– Updating information on hotel booking websites
– Translating and interpreting if required
– Performing administrative activities


Three students of the group decided to do an internship as social workers taking care of people coming to a day care unit and performing a wide range of activities all of which aim to maintain and improve the quality of life of the people who come to the unit. Here students were:

– Attending interviews with individuals and families to assess and observe any kind of situation

– Assisting in the development of plans to improve the well-being of an elderly person
– Helping in carrying out evaluations that have to meet specified standards and timescales (sometimes in collaboration with other professionals)

– Offering information and support to elderly people and their caregivers
– Helping in the implementation and the management of support packages to enable people to lead the fullest lives possible
– Assisting in any kind of daily activities of the elderly people
– Participating in multidisciplinary meetings, for example, related to the support for elderly people and mental health promotion
– Assisting in the monitoring process to ensure that the situation of an elderly person has improved


Students also had the opportunity to live for 4 weeks in Spanish families, so they could learn more about the Andalusian culture, gastronomy, language and history. They also could enjoy the sunny weather in the city and discover all the important places of Seville thanks to a Seville tour organized by the Euromind team.


Charleyne Caudelier

I’m very happy with my experience in Seville. The best experience I have ever had. Having contacts with people has been one of the best thing of the practice. I met people from all the word: English, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Argentinian, Moroccan and many others. I have been working in the reception performing many different tasks: booking, rooming, accompanying clients, helping in the bar and preparing bedroom is required. I had an extraordinary experience.

Mathieu Agier

The internship I did in the host company has been very important because allowed me to discover a new way of working. All the employees were friendly and welcoming and helped me to well integrate myself in the staff. I progressed in speaking with the employees and in serving customers of the store. The tasks I performed are: storage, shelving, anti-theft, labeling. What amazing experience I had. Thanks Erasmus.



Project Details

Project Title: Craponne Beyond Borders
Project Number: 2018-1-FR01-KA116-047432
Number of participants: 14
Country: France, Salon-de-Provence

All Projects, Business Administration, Hotel Industry, Shop Assistant, Social work, Tourism
administrative assitant, customer care, receptionist, shop assistant, Social work, tour guide assistant