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About This Project

In March 2019, Euromind greeted six french students of administration and hotel reception fields in Seville. They were assigned to 5 different companies depending on their preferences to do the internship for 4 weeks.

2 students showed interest in working in an educational centre committed to the contribution for the formation and the development of people, they provide a harmonious and integral education for each education level. The host company offers educational services that ensure the students a high-quality education with the objective to improve their skills and their competencies. There students of the administration field improved their skills realizing some tasks such as:

– Providing customer service in a professional, courteous and friendly manner – Creating and modifies documents using Microsoft Office
– Performing general office duties
– Using a photocopier, printer, and scanner

– Preparing, scanning and placing documents in electronic and paper filing systems – Maintaining and managing inventory control of materials and suppliers
– Processing sales invoices, receipts, and payments
– Analyzing prices and purchasing office supplies

– Providing appropriate organization of invoices
– Maintaining and updating records management database systems


Others students decided to train themselves in companies mainly dedicated to the welcoming of foreign people in Seville providing services such as renting flats, maintaining and cleaning holiday apartments, or providing information about cultural activities in the Andalusian capital. They could improving their skills doing tasks such as:

– Attending project meetings
– Undertaking general administration including word processing, dealing with agenda and routine correspondence, photocopying, scanning, filing documents, etc.
– Performing administrative tasks such as text editing, agenda management, correspondence, photocopying, scanning, printing, stamping, filling documents, checking their correctness, classification, sorting etc.
– Assisting the Company Manager with the maintenance of the database (putting in data, preparing reports)
– Arranging and verifying the data and files of the projects in the database
– Helping in the preparation of marketing materials
– Managing company’s social media (Facebook)
– Visiting apartments, searching and comparing new accommodations
– Controlling payments and managing invoices
– Conducting statistical calculations based on the available data
– Serving customers and provide them with the information they need

– Distributing advertising
– Informing clients about all kind of offers
– Providing information about flamenco culture – Providing information about the company
– Receiving and greeting clients at the reception – Controlling payments
– Managing invoices


One student was willing to work as a receptionist in a hotel. He could learn more during his work placement in a modern hotel next to the airport. He improved his skills doing tasks such as:

– Assisting in welcoming the guest to the hostel and arranging reservations
– Assisting in check ins and check outs and complete procedures when guests arrive and leave
– Taking notes of guests’ concerns and paying attention to special requests in a personal but also a professional way
– Helping guests with luggage storage, storing valuables
– Ordering taxis
– Providing tourist information about the city and the region
– Contacting hotel booking websites in case of any queries recurring customer`s problems
– Updating information on hotel booking websites
– Translating and interpreting if required
– Performing administrative activities


Besides the work placement, the students could enjoy the Andalusian spirit, going out for a tapas night in a typical restaurant in the city center and participating in Spanish lessons and a Seville tour organized by Euromind team.


Léa Fulbert

This Erasmus experience has been very important for me. I had the chance to discover a new city, to visit various monuments, to know a different culture and a new life style.
During the month I spent in Seville, I have been working in companies. The way of working is very different compared to France but I’m very happy because I grow up a lot both professionally and personally.

Nolwenn Favre

I had a wonderful time in Spain, in Seville.
I had the opportunity to visit a lot of unique building and to know a new culture, but especially to deepen my level of communication in foreign languages.

I was accommodated in a youth hostel where I met other erasmus people and where I made good relationship with other young people.
My internship was good, there was a very good atmosphere in the company where I was working, and they were all the colleagues were friendly.
I loved my internship in Spain, I will keep wonderful memories!



Project Details

Project Title: 2nd Step in Europe
Project Number: 2017-1-FR01-KA102-035969
Number of participants: 6
Country: France, Villefranche-sur-Saône

All Projects, Business Administration, Hotel Industry
administrative assitant, hotel, real estate, recepcionist