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About This Project

In March 2019, we were pleased to welcome 6 trainees from Belgium to work in the animation field. They had the opportunity to work in two different schools located in Seville. Two students could work in one of them, in which more than 1600 students are taught. The school includes primary, secondary and vocational education (where medium and higher level is distinguished). Students are very diverse, as they come from different social groups. Moreover, the school offers a wide range of vocational training courses.  The others students decided to train themselves in a Sevillian company dedicated to sports and to school education with a great team composed of professionals in education and in sport and leisure sector. The team is composed of different kind of professionals who have a degree in different subjects: from nursery school teachers, primary school teachers, physical education teacher, Music teacher, pedagogues, psychologists, leisure time animators, lifeguard. The host company mainly organizes leisure and sports activities during school time, during extra school time and during school holidays too.


Students could improve their skills doing some tasks such as:

– Planning and linking educational activities with leisure activities
– Providing basic care for children: food, hygiene, protection, clothing, etc
– Providing children with basic processes of social interaction: listening, protection, valuing, facilitating expressing emotions and feelings, eliminating conflicts and tensions in a group
– Performing activities dedicated to facilitating process of socialization and adaptation in a group

– Assisting and actively participating in each delivered activity

– Searching for ideas and proposing new sports activities, helping with their application in practice

– Observing the groups and helping in taking care of them


Besides the internship, students could also get deeper insight in the Andalusian culture, gastronomy and history with the help of Euromind team who organized activities like paella night, Seville tour, kayak tour, Sevilla Guadalquivir River Cruise, visit of the Metropol Parasol structure, Tapas Night. Our Belgium trainees also visited Malaga and Tavira and could enjoy the sunny weather of Spain.

All in all, we had a pleasure collaborating with the students eager to learn and we hope to see them soon!


Tiffany Reubens

This month is unfortunately coming to an end. I have had a fantastic experience both personally and professionally. We spent a month working in a school and taking part in various sports activities. I immediately loved the children I mentored there. They have values, principles and respect. I am very fond of them and is not easy say to them goodbye. The colleagues in the company were amazing, very hard- working and friendly people. During my free time, I also had the opportunity to discover a beautiful city thanks to the various activities organized by Natalia. Everything has been well organized and this make our stay in Seville unforgettable.

Allan Van Kets

I had a great adventure in Seville, the best I have ever had in my life. Before coming here, I did not imagine at all how amazing this experience would be. Just the first week has been a little hard because of the changes regarding the weather, the food, the way of working in the companies. But once I overcame the first difficulties, everything in this trip went perfectly. During this month, I had the opportunity to discover people with a heart as big as the world, fantastic work colleagues, but the school children that welcomed us as if we were permanent part of the team. I didn’t think I felt so comfortable, whether it was the people or the children, most of them were trying to make themselves understood to us as they could, they understood our difficulties with language. I also had the chance to improve in Spanish. For me, this Erasmus has meant self-discovery, discovery of another culture and improvement. If you have the opportunity to participate in this project, do not hesitate, go ahead and believe me, you will have no regrets, it will forge you and you will transform you, you will acquire a lot of experience and knowledge. Towards the end of this stay, I realize how lucky I was to take part in such a project. Thanks a lot for the opportunity!



Project Details

Project Title: ANIMATO
Project Number: 18MP0005
Number of participants: 6
Country: Belgium, Soignies

All Projects, Child Care, Social work, Sport
animation, entertainer, entertainment