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About This Project

At the end of November, euroMind Seville welcomed a group of 16 Polish students to complete individual work placements in multiple job sectors. These included working as cooks, waiters, and in the hotel industry as housekeepers, receptionists, and bellboys.


The students who were carrying out cooking placements had numerous responsibilities. These included performing skilled cooking and food preparation tasks, coordinating the various food service activities within the restaurants, ensuring the correct storage of kitchen utensils, and quality checking the food within the premises. The trainees on waiting and waitressing internships were also responsible for the completion of multiple tasks, including welcoming and seating customers, taking orders from the customers and passing them to the kitchen, and being knowledgeable enough about the menus to be able to answer any questions that customers may have. They also coordinated the delivery of food and drinks from the kitchen and the bar, and efficiently cleared tables after customers left. Finally, the various students working within the hotel industry had a multitude of responsibilities. These included thoroughly cleaning rooms, checking that the rooms were fully stocked and replenishing any necessary supplies, ensuring that the facilities and equipment in the rooms functioned correctly, and checking guests in and out, being attentive to the needs of the residents.


Beyond carrying out the activities of their placements, the trainees also experienced some authentic Andalusian culture during their trip. The first of these experiences was a tour of Seville, run by euroMind, which allowed the trainees to experience the capital of the Andalusian region from both a historical and artistic point of view. They were also shown where the best food places were, along with the good places to relax. Additionally, they attended a Tapas night which gave the trainees the opportunity to taste the local cuisine, and experience an authentic Spanish social atmosphere while tasting Andalusian specialties. Furthermore, the students visited the Metropol Parasol. The group walked up all of the walkways to reach the rooftop, where they were able to catch the spectacularly renowned views over the whole city from the top viewing platform. Furthermore, the students had the opportunity to go on a river cruise, where the boat cruised down the famous Guadalquivir River that runs through Seville, where they were able to admire some of the main monuments in Seville such as the Golden Tower, the Bullring, and the San Telmo Palace. Finally, the trainees had the opportunity to visit another city in the South of Spain, Andalusia. During this trip, they visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mezquita, a site which used to be an Islamic mosque, however was later converted into a Catholic denominational Christian cathedral. They also visited the Alcazar, the Calahorra Tower and museums, and the Roman Bridge of Cordoba.


The trainees enjoyed their stay in Seville exceptionally, and were extremely enthusiastic the whole time. They all intend to use the skills that they developed in Spain on their placements, when they return to Poland – some having even been inspired to continue learning Spanish!


Agnieszka Pacion

My assessment is very positive; I am delighted with the experience at my hotel in Spain. I am very happy that I could take part in internships abroad. I was very welcomed by the staff of this hotel who were wonderful and very friendly. Spending time with them was something amazing for me. The atmosphere was wonderful there, and the hotel was beautiful. During the internship in this beautiful hotel, I gained new experience and learned a lot of new things. Our group’s house was beautiful and very well equipped, and the food of our chef was delicious. We learnt new flavors of Spanish cuisine thanks to our cook. Our coordinator was a wonderful man, he organized various trips for us, thanks to which we got to know the charms of Seville. Thank you euroMind!!!

Julia Malicka

The last three weeks were an unforgettable adventure in my life because my work experience in Spain was wonderful! I worked in a kitchen. I got to know the Spanish cuisine and local delicacies. I met a lot of fantastic people and improved my English language. What is more, I started to learn Spanish language and I am going to continue this in Poland. Life in Spain was great. Our cook in the residence prepared delicious dishes and the cleaning lady took great care of cleanliness every day. Our coordinator was very well organized and took care of everything properly. Besides he was nice and friendly. In Spain we visited Cordoba and admired a lot of beautiful views. These are unforgettable memories!



Project Details

Project Title: Europejskie doświadczenie - podstawą sukcesu
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049502
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Biłgoraju

All Projects, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry, Restaurant industry
cook, Hospitality, hotel, waiter