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About This Project

In March, Euromind was pleased to welcome a group of 9 polish students to train themselves as photographer`s assistant in Seville for two weeks. They learned, among other things, to observe the photo session and video recording, to assist a photographer in his/her work, to edit pictures with photo editing tools, to determine methods of an image capturing with respect to aesthetic canons, to receive clients in the studio, to draw, create and edit collages for clients, to assist in photo retouch, to assisting with purchasing and selling of photographic supplies…


During their stay, the trainees participated in a Spanish course. They practiced basic expressions, they learned the vocabulary from their sector. They all passed the exam with very good results!


They also had the opportunity to get involved into Spanish culture thanks to activities such as a city tour in Seville, a Flamenco show where they could take part in a 20-minutes flamenco dance masterclass, delivered by the artists participating in the show and a trip to Gibraltar.


We hope that they enjoyed a lot their time in Seville and learnt a lot of new things!


Marta Magdalena Karpińska

By the EuroMind project I had a chance to be on practices in a photography studio and I’ve learned so many things and I met awesome people. Another good point was Spanish course we had learned new language in a good atmosphere. Trip to Gibraltar was great, we saw something different than only Spain. Whole project was great and I like it so much.

Marta Julia Matan

I really liked vocational internships in Spain, I’m pleased I could take part in them. I really like Sevilla, too. It’s an awesome city and the people are really nice. Practices in Spain was a great experience for me and I will certainly remember them for a long of time.



Project Details

Project Title: Europejskie innowacje i inspiracje – praktyka zagraniczna szansą na rozwój
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037601
Number of participants: 9
Country: Poland, Bielawa

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