The beauty of Seville photographed by danish trainees | Euromind
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About This Project

A wonderful group of 6 students from Denmark carried out their 2-week internship in Seville in the field of photography. The students worked on their own projects. Their results will be used in their portfolio. During the internship they had to complete three assignments: fashion/design on a live model, architectural photography and one free task. They learnt how to book models and look for suitable places for taking the pictures. Part of the group travelled to Malaga and some of them to Cádiz. On their free time, they had the opportunity to explore the capital of Andalusia and its narrow streets. Students also immersed into Spanish culture tasting local cuisine.


Madeleine M S Alsfelt Carstensen

The experience was super unique. Because our teacher understood our level we agreed that we didn’t need to go to the company every day as we work professionally and can schedule our time too. So everyday we send a text about what we did and did so. We learned to book a model and I booked a model, makeup artist, and made a Dilan with a local vintage store that borrowed us clothes all day and was the stylist too. She kept open after hours so we had a place for everything and a place to change. It was amazing. I took meny walks and had time to reshoot architecture and take a good look at the city. For two days me and Kaja went to Malaga on a horse farm and I photographed myself and the nature and the place too. The communication has been great all way through. We have been helped 24/7, also with many recommendations and we also had an incredible apartment in the city centre. Very happy with the experience.

Mads Lebech Philipsen

Overall I really have enjoyed the trip to Sevilla. Carlos was really kind and friendly, and very open to give us some projects to work on, and give us free reign to do so. I think the apartment was really nice, really enjoyed both it and its location, very local. As far as free time, it was really nice in Sevilla. The culture was nice, buildings, food, attractions and so on. I never really had the feeling of boredom, although a day or two was spent just in the apartment to charge up. Also the option to go to Cadiz was nice, and it was a lovely one-day trip, I really enjoyed that part as well. If I was given the chance to go back to Sevilla, I would probably say yes.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-HR01-KA121-VET-000057091
Number of participants: 6
Country: Copenhagen, Denmark

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