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About This Project

In April, a group of 16 students from the Polish school Zespół Szkół Ponadpodstawowych w Nietążkowie traveled to Malaga for an immersion program to strengthen their language skills.


They had the opportunity to work as a photographer’s assistant, a cook, or in logistics in the lovely city of Malaga. The trainees were able to obtain fresh experience in Spanish company throughout their two-week visit.


They were able to enjoy Malaga and its surroundings while learning new ways of working, finding places and a different pace of life in order to fully immerse themselves in the culture.


In their free time, they were able to visit Seville, which is a historical masterpiece rich with Islamic architecture, gardens, and flamenco festivals. They also saw a Flamenco Dance Show in Malaga, exposing themselves to one of the most important aspects of Spanish culture.


After gaining professional experience and experiencing personal development, the students returned to Poland to tell their classmates about their adventures in Malaga made possible due to euromind.



Aurelia Magdalena Graf

Erasmus+ is a great experience. You get to know a different culture, learn a new language and explore some of the worlds. The atmosphere is amazing and the work is actually fun too. In the meantime, while not working, you have so much time to walk around the city, take some photos, draw or do anything you would like. I would love to live this through again.

Anna Lester

Program Erasmus+ is a big experience for young people. The place where I had my practice was very friendly. People who work there have a lot of experience in this type of job. Spanish lessons were very easy and cool! The hotel where we stayed is a comfortable place, food was sooo good. Our coordinator was the best!

Marta Budzińska

For me, Erasmus was an amazing adventure. I got to know a new culture and Spanish customs. I found out that people here are very nice and kind towards themselves and tourists. Thanks to our nice coordinator who introduced me to my new job, it was easier for me to get along with my colleagues. I will have nice memories of this adventure and I am glad that I could take part in it.



Project Details

Project Title: Więcej Europy więcej jakości!
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-079626
Number of participants: 16
Country: Nietążkowo, Poland

All Projects, Food Production, Gastronomy, Logistics, Photography
cook, Logistics, Multimedia, photographer