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About This Project

4 talented students from the Czech capital, Prague, came to Málaga for a two-week internship in the field of marketing, more specifically in the position of multimedia developer.


The students gained new skills by working together in a group, where they worked together on a single project, being able to demonstrate their creativity, resourcefulness and knowledge of the industry. This gave them a taste of what it is like to work in the sector, while gaining new soft skills by working abroad and as part of a team.


In their free time, they explored the local area and their beautiful host city, Málaga, the hometown of Picasso and Antonio Banderas.


It was a sheer pleasure to work with you and we wish you continued success!


Nikolas Sand

Spain has been on my travel destinations wish list for a very long time before this offer came so I did not think twice. The culture, the food, the climate, and the fact that Malaga is by the sea, all of these were extremely attractive factors for me, and none of them disappointed me, the food was incredible, the weather was perfect, the people who took care of us were warm and welcoming. What surprised me about Malaga is how progressive this city is regarding the LGBTQ+ community. During my stay, I had practices along with my colleagues from Prague, where I functioned as a director for the video we were working on here. I was responsible for organizing our group during filming, creating a shotlist and a storyboard so we knew what we were going to film, and generally communicating with the people we were working with. I used a lot of my free time on the beach, which is probably my favourite place here. During the rest of the time, I discovered the city, local restaurants, etc. and we were also working on our very own short film that is set there in Malaga.

Tereza Květoňová

I went to Spain, because I am a lover of adventure and travel. In general, I fell in love with Andalusia. I do not know how or when but I did. I was surprised by the temperament of Spanish people. I think they are very kind what I like. We (me and my collegues) were shooting a short video. Our “leader” was Alejandro who was a great, a great mentor. He was so kind to us and I think our work together was flowing really well. We shot a day in the life of a coordinator, made in POV on GoPro. I was the production manager. I was responsible for where and what we should be on places. I was controlling if we have everything we need and do what we planned to do in a day. And I was also kind of DIT, which means that from a card from the camera, I took data and I backup them. (But this job probably was made by all of us.)  Besides this work, we also shot two projects for our school. So, we got a lot of work, but it was fun. But we had some free time left, not much, but we had. We spent it on touring Málaga, Torremolinos and Fuengirola. These are so amazing parts of Andalusia. My favourite is probably Torremolinos because of the mood or vibe there. I think we all fell in love with tapas and Casa Lola. In the end it was the best journey in my life. I loved it there and it will stay in my heart. Actually, I was thinking about working there someday 🙂



Project Details

Project Number: 2021-1-CZ01-KA121-VET-000005658
Number of participants: 4
Country: Prague, Czech Republic

All Projects, Marketing, Media
marketing, media