Economics, commerce and logistics interns from Poland carry out their internships in Seville | Euromind
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About This Project

End of July 15 students from Zespół Szkół im. ks. dra Jana Zwierza in Ropczyce came to Seville to undergo a 3-week apprenticeship and to get to know the charms of Spanish cities. Students developed their skills in different professions: administration, trade, logistics under the eye of tutors. Students could immerse themselves in the Spanish culture by learning new ways of working – getting to know office work and helping as shop assistants. Logisticians had the opportunity to work with the production goods and at warehouse. Students experienced what tourism in this country looks like visiting Málaga and Cadiz️, they learned about the history of these cities. After practice, our students were exploring capital of Andalusia with their tutors – Real Alcázar, Museum of Fine Arts, Contemporary Art Museum and Palacio de las Dueñas. Moreover, they tried local cuisine and enjoyed flamenco show.




Karolina Sobusik

Thanks to the POWER VET program, I got the opportunity to go on a 3-week internship to sunny Seville in Spain. The apprenticeship at Bonita Rides trained me in logistic skills, working with documents, in a warehouse and at a computer. in addition, I trained in English and learned Spanish. I often spent my free time outside the residence – in the beautiful Spanish square and in the park. I visited two beautiful cities – Cadiz and Malaga. the service in the residence is excellent, the dinners are delicious, the selling service is also great. great time!

Dominika Sowa

Going to Spain was the best decision of my life! I spent many wonderful moments, saw beautiful landscapes, tried delicious cuisine and met many wonderful people. Apprenticeships were perfect. I saw what it was like to work in a clothing store in Spain. I learned a lot of useful things and how to get along with people without knowing the local language. People in Spain are very polite, when they find out that you are not from here, they smile and are open to talking on signs. During this trip I fell in love with the sunset the most, it is wonderful! These 3 weeks in Spain were a great experience!

Natalia Saj

The trip to Seville gave me an apprenticeship in my profession. I am in a trade technical college and I was doing internships in a sports store. I learned many techniques useful in sales and gave the opportunity to get to know the aesthetics of working in another country. During my stay here, I visited many beautiful places not only in Seville but also in Málaga and Cadiz. I also looked at local customs and tried many Spanish dishes. I will remember the whole trip very well and I hope that I will have the opportunity to come back here.




Project Details

Project Title: Poszerzaj horyzonty zawodowe w projekcie Erasmus+
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-078953
Number of participants: 15
Country: Poland, Ropczyce

All Projects, Business Administration, Logistics, Shop Assistant
commerce, economics, logistic